When to travel to RJ? Spring, summer, fall or winter? Discover the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro and plan your next vacation!

THE city of Rio de Janeiro is internationally known for its beautiful beaches and high temperatures that are always present, regardless of the season. In addition to the natural beauties that surround the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro is also highlighted as a multicultural destination that offers a multitude of activities to tourists in addition to beaches, such as museums, parks and historic buildings.

Despite being considered a destination that can be visited throughout the year, the city's climate is tropical, and has two distinct seasons: the dry season, between May and November, and the rainy season, between December and April.

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The success of the samba school parades at Marquês de Sapucaí and the traditional fireworks display at Copacabana Beach during New Year's Eve are the height of tourist activity in the city and are considered high season in the capital. If you are looking to visit the city on quieter days, avoid long holidays.

Discover when to visit Rio de Janeiro

Best time Rio de Janeiro. photo: pixabay


Let's start with summer, the season most loved by cariocas. This is the time to put on your bathing suits and enjoy a delicious beach, ride a bike along the shore or do some of the many trails through the forest.

The summer in Rio is marked by high temperatures. At this time, temperatures can reach more than 40°C, but the rain showers in the late afternoon refresh and bring humidity to the region.

And of course, speaking of this time of year, we cannot fail to mention the parties, such as the traditional fireworks display in Copacabana and the streets full of blocks during Carnival. You can already see that the summer in Rio is very busy and leisure alternatives will not be lacking.


Visiting the Marvelous City during autumn is perfect for those looking for more pleasant temperatures and little rain during the trip. In this season the sky is usually very blue, and visiting the highest points in Rio, such as Cristo Redentor and Mirante Dona Marta will have an even more enchanting view.

A remarkable party that deserves the visit of those who are in the region in the month of June are the traditional June festivals, very famous in the Northeast, Rio de Janeiro brings this tradition to the Luiz Gonzaga Municipal Center of Northeastern Traditions, with typical foods and lots of forró.  

winter and spring

With the start of the second half of the year, winter and spring arrive. In Rio de Janeiro, there is not a big distinction between this season. In short, the days are cooler, with average temperatures of 18° and 24°C. For cariocas, the thermometers are low, but if you live in a colder region, you won't feel much of the drop.

It is in winter that the sun hides and cloudy days are very common, as well as the fog that covers tourist spots such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, because of this some tours may have to be postponed. But if time doesn't cooperate, don't worry, there's no shortage of activities, on these days you can schedule a visit to the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center or visit one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the National Library of Rio de Janeiro.

At the beginning of September, with the flowers starting to bloom, the most inviting walk is to relax in one of the city's parks, such as Jardim Botânico or Parque Lage.

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