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You will hardly know the main attractions of Turkey in a single trip. There are so many attractions that it would certainly take you years to visit them all. Starting with the coast, if you are traveling in the summer (between June, July and August) it is worth stretching a few days to enjoy the beautiful Turkish beaches, as well as the urban centers. The Mediterranean, unlike other times, is much used in this period by Europeans who seek to relax on the country's beaches. Do you know the sea of Greece? The coast of the Aegean region of Turkey is the same, but less known by Brazilians. The extremely blue waters are the same precisely because of the proximity of the two countries.

In Istanbul every season is a major attraction – one of the oldest cities in the world – worth visiting at all times, the city is practically a world apart and changes a lot from one period to the next. The rich history and culture of the region shows an authentic Turkey that is at the same time modern and charming as ever.

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To make life easier for those who want to understand more about the climate and know what best time for your trip to Turkey, we will present an overview with the pros and cons of each of these periods. If Turkey is on your travel list, whether for Honeymoon, vacation or even for work, we recommend the agency's staff guide in turkey, Mehmet Ali has already lived in Brazil and his team speaks fluent Portuguese and specializes in setting up personalized itineraries around the country with service in Portuguese. They are super helpful and can help you choose the best time to visit Turkish destinations as per your interest.

During the winter

cappadocia. photo: Miguel Angel

(December – January – February and until mid-March)

The European winter takes place in the months of December, January and February. This is the low season period in Europe, the beaches are little used due to the cold, as in Brazil. With this, prices are also usually much lower, both for shopping and for those who want to do tourism in the region. Neighborhoods and attractions in general also end up getting emptier during this period. It is also possible to find snow in Turkish cities at this time of year. For those who visit Cappadocia during this period, it can be more difficult to get the balloon rides because of the extreme cold. But according to Ali, our local contact, the balloon ride in winter is much more beautiful than in summer, because in winter you find a region covered by white snow and a super colorful part. It's just really cold. In the Turkish winter, accommodation, restaurants and tours end up being cheaper because of the reduced flow of tourists as well.

During the summer

Phaselis – Turkey. Photo: via Flickr – CamelKW

(June July August)

Unlike Brazil, the European summer takes place in the months of June, July and August. This is the high season in Europe and also in Turkey. The streets and cities are much busier and you can find people from all over the world visiting the beauties of the country. The walks are more pleasant and the warmer weather is an invitation for Turks and tourists to enjoy more of what the cities have to offer. As it is high season, prices for hotels, restaurants and tours go up due to the number of visitors in the country. It is also during this period that the Mediterranean Sea gains the lightest shades of the year. The beaches are more visited by Brazilians, Turks and Europeans in general. Summer in Istanbul and Cappadocia is not as busy as in the coastal cities of the country. For the reason that the destinations are more visited for tours of culture and history, and also to know the daily life of the local citizen.

During spring and autumn

Goreme – Turkey. Photo: Rodrigo Caicedo

(Spring: March – April – May | Autumn: September – October – November)

At these times, the climate and temperature are more interesting for tourists who seek cultural tours and visit the main attractions of the country. However, depending on the period, the visitor may be surprised by not very hot days and cold nights. Even so, the vast majority of hotels have an excellent structure, which does not directly interfere with your stay. Many people refer to these stations as the best time to visit the country, as the temperatures are milder. The height of spring is between April and May and autumn is in the months of September and October. For this reason, these months are ideal for those who want to make the most of this trip.

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