In 2021, many trips that had to be postponed will be put back into the plans and, to help decide the next destinations, we have gathered the best trips to take in the year.

2020 was a turbulent year for the entire tourism industry. In fact, much was heard about how this was the most impacted market and that the trend is that its recovery would be slow and gradual. However, as the word vaccine gained space in the media, people were returning to their script plans. After all, staying at home only highlighted how traveling is part of the human need. 

Since 2020 still presents a pandemic scenario, tourists decided to bet on packages for the coming years, starting with 2021. That is, the Brazilian, who was famous for scheduling things at the last minute, showed that planning is now also part of of your everyday life. 

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But what about the next destination? THE Brazil It has an extensive list of cities and attractions that should be on every traveler's radar. After all, we are talking about a multicultural country that manages to please the most different tastes. We are talking about charming beaches in the Northeast, ecotourism in the Midwest, culture in the North, history in the Southeast and gastronomy in the South. They all have a lot to offer and to delight. 

Brazil: post-pandemic preference

With the advent of the pandemic, many plans had to be revised. After all, borders were closing in a domino effect and foreign countries were increasingly demanding about the entry of tourists. Obviously this was not an easy decision. The impact of Tourism on various markets is logical, as the sector involves 53 segments and generates many jobs. With international destinations closing their doors, it was Brazil's turn to show its face and remind its own residents of the country's great wealth. 

This was precisely the question asked by Gilson Machado, current Minister of Tourism and president of the Brazilian Agency for the International Promotion of Tourism (Embratur), during the Festival das Cataratas, promoted in December 2020. “We sent around 11 million tourists to the abroad every year, while Brazil receives only 6 million foreigners. We are in deficit. Brazilians have to discover more about their own home”, he declared.

When the word resumed began to gain prominence, in mid-2020, the bet and the discourse were the same: the reheating starts with short trips. And so they began to return to the routine of travelers, who did not see friends and family who lived in neighboring cities or who were simply willing to find a tourist spot to revitalize their energies. 

Over time, the pandemic has shown the beginning of a deadline, especially with the advent of the vaccine. However, now that Brazilian tourists have started to taste Brazil, it will be difficult to let go. In addition, the dollar has become a major villain for international travel, due to the overvaluation of the US exchange rate – the region most visited by tourists in the country.

The 21 best trips of 2021

The most organized have already left some itineraries ready to enjoy next year. However, those who are still in doubt – or even those already advanced – will be able to count on help to choose the next destinations to travel. We've rounded up the 21 best trips to take in 2021 and explain why each deserves to be on your itinerary next year. Check out!

Porto Seguro (BA)

Photo: Marcio Filho / MTur

This is an incredible destination that holds a lot of Brazilian history, involving nature and culture. In addition to its beautiful beaches, such as Praia de Taperapuã, it has a lively and hospitable people.

In terms of culture, the destination offers great tours, such as Cidade Alta, which has the Landmark of Possession; the Memorial of the Epic of Discovery, at Praia do Cruzeiro; and the Pataxó da Jaqueira Indigenous Reserve, which still protects the ethnic groups that inhabited the region. 

Maceió (AL)

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Marco Ankosqui/MTur

A troubled year? So how about recharging your energies on some of the most excellent beaches in Maceió? The three main ones – Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca – are responsible for six kilometers of tree-lined shore, bike path, boardwalk, tents and colorful sea. If the idea is to enjoy quieter places, the suggested beaches are Pratagy and Ipioca, both extensive and with a lower flow of tourists.

And the visit is not complete without trying the local cuisine, such as the sururu, a mollusk that lives in the mud of the lakes and is served in its own shell or sold under the name sururu do capote. 

Porto de Galinhas (PE)

Photo: Bruno Lima/Mtur

A destination that is not a city, but that is already so consolidated that it is considered one. Located in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, the destination brings together great offers of rest and ecotourism, such as diving. Buggy tours are highly recommended, especially to discover the chain of seven beaches that Porto de Galinhas is part of. 

In the center, there is a gastronomic center, where you can find typical foods, such as carne de sol, which is served as an aperitif and can be tasted with fruit juices from the region, such as soursop and cajá. 

Natal, RN)

trips to do in 2021

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Vlademir Alexandre/MTur

With the sun rising 300 days a year and rains concentrated more between April and May, Natal is a destination where everything is paradise, perfect for those who enjoy hospitality and, of course, warmth. With Morro do Careca as its main postcard, the capital of Potiguar is considered the starting point for tours along the coast of the state. 

Gastronomy is another wealth of the place. Visitors to the destination must try the shrimp in the state, which is the second largest producer of the delicacy in the country, and ginga with tapioca, a typical dish of fish fried in palm oil and skewered on coconut sticks. 

Fortaleza (CE)

Photo: Vlademir Alexandre/MTur

Still consolidating the Northeast, Fortaleza is a destination with high temperatures all year round and little rain. Its infrastructure was developed precisely to serve travelers who like sand and sea. Many tourists take advantage of their visit to visit Aquiraz, where Beach Park is located, one of the main water parks in Brazil. 

And, once again, the gastronomy is highlighted. The capital of Ceará has four restaurants starred by Guia Brasil 2015. Some of the dishes that can be tasted are Pargo e lagos and Ceará fish. 

Salvador BA)

trips to do in 2021

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Márcio Filho/Mtur

This is a destination that could not be missing from our list. We are talking about a city that was born with a leading role and was declared the first capital of Brazil. This was motivated, at the time, by the strategic location for Europeans and the natural beauty of the place. To this day it is difficult not to be impressed. 

It is an eclectic destination, which allows you to discover historic buildings, museums and gastronomy, as well as, of course, strolling around Pelourinho, visiting workshops and churches in the Historic Center.

Ilhéus (BA)

Photo: Márcio Filho/Mtur

Ilhéus is a city with a unique beauty. There are paradisiacal beaches, famous cocoa farms and the historic center that explain a little about the history of the country. Its vegetation is the Atlantic Forest, which surrounds the city with its biodiversity. 

Among the activities available, tourists can relax on the coast, take a tour and taste cocoa, go to the homemade chocolate factory, visit Lagoa Encantada, do the Jorge Amado circuit, among others. 

Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Luciola Vilella/MTUR

The capital of Rio de Janeiro arouses the interest of national and international tourists. Its beautiful beaches are some of the reasons for such consolidation. In addition, the wonderful city has one of the seven wonders of the world available to visitors, Christ the Redeemer.

In addition to other attractions, such as Corcovado and Pão de Açúcar, the destination has been gaining new alternatives for activities, such as Rio Star, the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America. Surely, the curious and lovers of heights will want to know the novelty up close. 

Lawn (RS)

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Renato Soares/MTUR

The small town with European characteristics is an example of hospitality and good service. With festivities that are already traditional in its calendar, as is the case of Natal Luz, the city has been developing non-stop, in order to keep moving its main industry, tourism. 

Tourists will be able to visit Lago Negro, taste and discover spectacular chocolates and enjoy good wines from local production. 

Recife PE)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Bruno Lima/Mtur

Investment in tourist infrastructure has been the focus of Recife, which has been offering more options for cultural attractions and gastronomy led by chefs who like to highlight the ingredients of the region.

The capital of frevo and maracatu allows its visitors to walk through Parque Dona Lindu, on the waterfront, accompanied by the marquee Designed by Oscar Niemeyer. In addition, it has the famous Marco Zero Square, the Pernambuco Handicraft Center and the Sertão Museum. 

Jericoacoara (CE)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Jade Queiroz / Mtur

This is a fishing village that is already considered the darling of many travelers and that, despite the high flow of tourists, does not lose its charm. The destination is so attractive that you are able to find many foreigners who decided to settle in the place. 

In all, there are 23 kilometers of dunes between Jijoca and Jeri. The main activity of travelers is clear: contemplation and peace. But don't be fooled. At night there are some forrós, among other bohemian encounters that are irresistible.

Camboriu (SC)

trips to do in 2021

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Daniel Vianna/Mtur

The city brings together elements of the big city and lush beaches in every corner, including the famous Praia do Pinho, the first naturalist in Brazil. Other options are Laranjeiras and Praia do Estaleirinho. 

Visitors can also get to know the cable car at Parque Unipraias, considered one of the main local tours. And gastronomy is present with the starred L'Assiette, Bistro Palatare and Bistrot La Table.7

Florianopolis (SC)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Daniel Vianna/MTur

Florianópolis is an eclectic destination, ideal for tourists who want to enjoy a little bit of everything, including bathing and resting at Joaquina beach or in the beautiful Mole, which has a structure of beach huts. The Public Market is another coveted and ideal place to eat the famous codfish cake. 

The nightlife in the region is lively and will offer a lot of fun to those who like to enjoy good adventures late into the night. If the idea is to take advantage of the heat, mark on your calendar that summer is the best time of year and, starting in April, some seasonal businesses suspend their operations. 

João Pessoa (PB)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Cacio Murilo/MTur

The capital of Paraíba knows how to bring together beautiful beaches, historical attractions and shopping. Tourists will be enchanted by this destination, which has a huge boardwalk between the beaches of Cabo Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra, where the flow of people is intense, whether by people practicing sports or enjoying the rich gastronomic offer. 

The most preserved points of the shore are located further north and south, where it is worth taking a walk. For culture lovers, a visit to the São Francisco Cultural Center is considered a must. 

Porto Alegre (RS)

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

The capital of Rio Grande do Sul has large parks with trees, top-notch restaurants and a unique sunset, which can be enjoyed on the banks of the Guaíba River, considered a favorite of the city. There are also cultural attractions, such as the Iberê Camargo Foundation and the PUC Science and Technology Museum. 

The cuisine is heavily based on barbecue, especially in the rotation system. The bohemian night complements the food and beverage offer, especially in Cidade Baixa, where bars are located on the outskirts of Avenida General Lima e Silva, 

Canoa Quebrada (CE)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Jade Queiroz/MTur

Still with traces of charm and simplicity, the destination is already consolidated in the travel sector and is considered a city of mass tourism. But there is a reason for this: the beautiful landscapes with reddish cliffs. 

Tourists, in fact, will be able to enjoy a day of rest there, enjoying Canoa Quebrada itself, the village beach. For those who don't like to go home without a souvenir, there are bottles decorated with colored sand that are worth visiting in Majorlândia, eight kilometers from the city. 

Manaus (AM)

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Mário Oliveira / MTUR

Anyone who still imagines that the capital of Amazonas is a peaceful city in the middle of the jungle will be surprised. The metropolis, which has 2 million inhabitants, has grown to become an urban center. However, nature is still there, through parks that have been preserved – such as the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve and Bosque da Ciência. 

If the idea is to discover the Amazon jungle, it is worth going to one of the several lodging facilities located on the outskirts of the capital. Thus, tourists will be able to get to know even more the region full of richness in fauna and flora, as well as ethnicities that remain alive in the region. 

Caldas Novas (GO)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Pablo Regino/MTur

Thermal waters and extensive leisure infrastructure are what turned Caldas Novas into an excellent alternative destination to enjoy in 2021. The region has theme parks and resorts that, in addition to natural beauties, also offer extensive options for recreational activities. 

Its miraculous warm waters are capable of relieving joint and muscle pain. All this is because, according to experts, the heat from the depths heats the water and returns to the surface due to the pressure. 

Foz do Iguaçu (PR)

trips to do in 2021

Photo: Zig Koch – MTUR

The destination is world famous for housing one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Iguazu Falls. Tourists find a series of activities to do, such as visiting Itaipu Binacional and Parque das Aves.

Other options include the Dream Park Show complex, which has a wax museum, ice bar, dinosaur exhibit and rock-themed bar with a show of powerful motorcycles. 

Ilhabela (SP)

Photo: Maristela Colucci – MTUR

The destination has 42 beaches and, therefore, is responsible for attracting more than 400,000 tourists in the summer alone. Despite the high flow, the region has 83% of the area preserved by a state park and waterfalls, which makes it also perfect for ecotourism and adventure tourism. 

The place is also a place for partying at the beach clubs on the beaches of Curral and Saco da Capela. Want to know the best part? The prices on the island are not absurd and fit in the pocket. Perhaps this is one of the main decoys. 

Arraial do Cabo (RJ)

trips to do in 2021

Trips to take in 2021. Photo: Thiago Freitas – MTUR

This is a destination that usually attracts visitors for a day, especially those who are enjoying Búzios and Cabo Frio. However, the shorter length of stay is no reason to put it aside. The strong point of the place is its exuberant, preserved coastline. 

Tourists are enchanted by the beaches of Pontal do Atalaia, which has white sand and a clear blue sea. Praia do Farol, on the island of Cabo Frio, has dunes that can be accessed by boat. Taking advantage of the tour, it is worth visiting the Blue Grotto, considered one of the best free diving spots in the country. 

How about taking advantage of the fact that the year is just beginning and already making a list of which places will be priorities when everything goes back to normal? So, pack your bags and enjoy everything the country has to offer!

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