Check out some places to visit in Rio de Janeiro with panoramic views of the city. So, are you curious and want to find out more about these places?

The wonderful city offers everything you can imagine: beaches, tranquility, nature, peace, excitement, parties and much more. It is not by chance that millions of tourists pass through there every year, each one with a different objective and with their own particularities. But what no one gives up seeing are the places with the best views in Rio de Janeiro.

Make no mistake, you don't have to visit all these spots on foot, with the vertical river, a company that offers scenic helicopter flights, you can enjoy all the beauty while sitting. During the tours, you can have a 360 degree view, as the vehicles do not have doors. But don't worry, safety comes first.

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So, do you want to discover the tourist attractions that cannot be missed on your to-do list? Also, these are great. places to photograph in Rio. A tip is to enjoy and take your camera.

Best views of Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer

Photo: Luciola Vilella

We know that this is a point that cannot be missed on a trip to the capital of Rio de Janeiro. THE Christ the Redeemer, right at the top of Corcovado, is not only an attraction for the statue, but also for the view it provides of the city. If you didn't want to take the traditional route, one option is to go to the heights with a helicopter, so you can see even better the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Botafogo neighborhood, and even Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon.

Sugar Loaf

Photo: Vanessa Marques

On the other side of Corcovado is the Sugar Loaf, one of the places that offers the best views of Rio de Janeiro. To get to the top, you need to make two stops on the cable car. But if you want to innovate, the panoramic view is always welcome. Flying through the air, you can see Guanabara Bay in a whole new way.

Pedra da Gávea

Photo: Jfmelo

Like the previous ones, the Pedra da Gávea offers the best views of Rio de Janeiro. The way to the top is long, about two hours of hiking, depending on your physical disposition. The viewpoint is panoramic, with views of Copacabana, Niterói and much more.

Arpoador's Stone

Photo: VinnyWiki

Famous for offering beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro, especially during sunset, the Arpoador's Stone offers you the sea and the horizon. Those who prefer to stay on the ground can only climb on the rock. On the other hand, those who take the risk of a panoramic flight, go over the entire sea.

Two Brothers Hill

Photo: DiegoSilvaRj

This is one of the famous places in the wonderful city, most tourists go to the place through trails and exploring the viewpoints that appear on the way. However, when doing a scenic flight over the Two Brothers Hill, you can see more clearly the heart shape of Lake Rodrigo de Freitas.

Dona Marta

Photo: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira

Another place that offers views of Rio de Janeiro It's Dona Marta. Okay, but what is it? Dona Martha is a gazebo which can be accessed by trail or by car. The view from the site covers almost the entire city. Remembering that, you want to enjoy everything sitting down and still take lots of pictures taking a walk through the air.

Vidigal Hill

Photo: Rafael Rabello de Barros

In the heart of the city is Morro do Vidigal, one of the favelas that has great views of Rio de Janeiro. The site opens its doors to visitors who want to explore the environment and make their way to the top. But if you're the type who prefers to get right to the point, there's no choice but to take a helicopter tour.

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