Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros: check out a list of the 13 best attractions in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in Goiás

A place to recharge your energies, the Veadeiros Plateau is famous for housing numerous waterfalls, there are so many attractions that many have not yet been catalogued, making it impossible to know all the waterfalls even if you stay days and even months at the destination.

Walking through its endless mountains, bathing in its beautiful waterfalls, admire the local culture and contemplate the grandeur of nature will make you experience unforgettable sensations in one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil.

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Best waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Rio Preto Jumps (Garimpão)

With 120 and 80 meters of waterfalls, respectively, the Rio Preto I and II waterfalls are the most outstanding attractions on the plateau.

At waterfalls can be taken advantage of in two ways: from Mirante da Janela with a view in front of the two waterfalls and accessing the well of Rio Preto I (80 m) and a viewpoint of Rio Preto II (120 m) on an 11 km trail at the entrance of the Chapa dos Veadeiros National Park.

best waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Santa Barbara Waterfall

Located in the municipality of Cavalcante, a Santa Barbara Waterfall is 28 meters high and is considered one of the most beautiful in Chapada dos Veadeiros, due to its emerald green water with large pools.

best waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Disclosure

Capybara Waterfall

The Capivara waterfall is another one of inexplicable beauty. Two falls, a potion, a canyon and a beautiful view of the Vai do Moleque.

best waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Capybara Waterfall. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Leather Falls

One of best waterfalls to see in Chapada dos Veadeiros, a Leather Waterfall It is located at Fazenda Boa Esperança and has a sequence of four falls on the Rio Couros. It is advisable to use a vehicle with four-wheel drive and an accredited guide, as access is difficult.

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Photo: Pexels

Macaquinhos Complex

A wonderful complex of waterfalls and green water wells. Vale do Macaquinho is 50 km from Alto Paraíso, and its road passes through the viewpoint of Vai do Paraná, where the plateau ends with a gap of 80 meters in height, an unforgettable place.

little monkeys

Photo: Disclosure

Almécegas I

The Almécegas I waterfall is located inside Fazenda São Bento, which is on the road between Alto Paraíso and São Jorge. Access is easy and the trail takes approximately 20 minutes. You can explore the waterfall in three ways: from the viewpoint, where you will have an incredible view facing the fall; down there, where you can dive and go under the fall and in the pools, which are at the top, with mini wells great for relaxing.

best waterfalls

Meatballs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Loquinhas Waterfall

A true ecological sanctuary full of wells with crystal clear waters with different sizes of falls.

The complex houses two main suspended trails made of wood, making it easy for anyone to access. The Loquinhas Waterfall is considered one of the best waterfalls to visit in Alto Paraíso.

best waterfalls

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

River Plate

Located approximately 50 km from Cavalcante, passing by Chapada da Piteira, a beautiful scenery with fields full of buritis, and crystalline waters. The Rio Prata is a large complex of waterfalls with emerald green water and several showers for bathing.


Photo: Disclosure

Angels and Archangels

Located in Povoado do Moinho, 12 km from Alto Paraíso, the two beautiful waterfalls of the Rio Pretinho, carved by the river in the middle of a mountain, offer great wells for bathing.

Best Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Disclosure

Sao Felix Waterfall

Cachoeira São Félix has an extensive stretch of sand that reminds us of being on a freshwater beach, allowing for a dip in an immense natural pool, all in front of the huge waterfall with 40 meters of rapids and 35 meters high.


Attraction in Cavalcante. Photo: Disclosure

Secret Waterfall

Unmissable tour to do in village of São Jorge, the Cachoeira do Segredo is an immense waterfall with 100 meters high, which falls between the rocks of an imposing wall to a well in green tones.

Best Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Label Waterfall

The Label Waterfall stands out as the largest in Chapada dos Veadeiros at 200 meters high! Access to the attraction is via a 1.8 km trail with little difficulty.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Abyss Waterfall

First stop for those heading to Mirante da Janela, Cachoeira do Abismo has a charming natural water pool, with an infinity edge overlooking an immense canyon in the middle of Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Best Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Best Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros. Photo: Disclosure

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