If you are a wine lover or, even if you don't like the drink, but love a historical-cultural tour, find out which are the best wineries to visit in Brazil

More than just producing wine or just planting grapes, the Brazilian wineries they are true laboratories in search of the best drink.

All processes are carefully thought out and carried out to ensure the quality of wines and champagnes produced by them. And the result couldn't be better: drinks with national and international recognition.

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For wine lovers and for those who like to discover new places, the wineries are also great travel destinations. 

so much so that the best Brazilian wineries turned their headquarters into real tourist complexes to receive these travelers.

The visit to these places includes both the extensive grape plantations and their factories. And, for those who appreciate good wine, the end of the tour is always the best part, when you can taste the best drinks.

If you are a wine lover or, even if you don't like the drink, but love a historical-cultural tour, it's worth including them in your travel plans.

Want to know more? Then check out our tips on best wineries to visit in Brazil.

These are the 13 best wineries to visit in Brazil

Are you a lover of good wine or are you curious to know how these delicious drinks are produced? 

See below for the best wineries to visit in Brazil.

Rio Sol Winery – Lagoa Grande (PE) 

wineries Brazil

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THE Rio Sol winery produces nationally and internationally awarded wines and sparkling wines. Located in the city of Lagoa Grande, in Pernambuco, the winery has 120 hectares of planted area with different types of grapes.

The Rio Sol Winery produces 2 million grapes a year, which are used to manufacture bottled drinks right there. 

It is possible to visit the entire production of Rio Sol winery, in a very interesting tour. 

The site has different types of tours available: Traditional, tour of the entire farm, including the liquor factory; Sunset, to see the natural spectacle on the São Francisco River; the Wine Route, from Petrolina to Rio Sol; Pedagogical Tourism, for those who want to know more about wines; and Lunch at Rio Sol, with delicious dishes washed down with lots of wine.

Terrassos Winery – Amparo (SP)

Best wineries in Brazil

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THE Terrassos Winery it's another amazing place to meet. Located in Serra da Mantiqueira, in the city of Amparo, it produces special wines.

The high altitude of the region and the mild climate allowed Terrassos Winery to produce two crops a year, with unique quality.

The tour of Terrassos Winery lasts about 50 minutes and allows the visitor to learn more about the history of the vineyards, the species cultivated there, as well as the beverage production process. 

In addition, those who visit Terrassos Winery have the opportunity to taste seven types of wines: Moscatel White Demi Sec, Máximo Red Seco, Máximo Red Demi Sec, Máximo Tinto Suave, Red Syrah 2015, Red 4 Seasons Syrah/Máximo 2015 and Red 4 Syrah stations 2016.

Guaspari Winery – Espírito Santo do Pinhal (SP)

Best wineries in Brazil

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Formerly a coffee farm, the Guaspari Winery was transformed and placed Espírito Santo do Pinhal on the route of high quality wines, with national and international recognition. 

In addition, Guaspari Winery leveraged the wine tourism in the region, by opening its doors to the public, mainly wine lovers.

The guided tour of the farm presents the entire process from growing and harvesting the grapes to the production of drinks. At the end of the tour, visitors are invited to taste four types of wines – two from the Vale da Pedra line and two from the Vista line.

Góes Winery – São Roque (SP)

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The production of grapes by the Góes family is more than a century old. They were the pioneers in the cultivation of this fruit in São Roque, in the interior of São Paulo.

Today the Góes Winery is an important wine producer in Brazil. So much so that, in 2003, they opened an Enotourism Park to tell their story and show how the brand's drinks are produced.

The place has space for events, a wine store, a boutique of fine wines, the Vale do Vinho Restaurant, a Mini Shopping and live music.

Vinícola Góes still offers an incredible experience: participating in a grape harvest under the moonlight. The event takes place each year and ends with a paired dinner.

Thera Winery – Bom Retiro (SC)

Best wineries in Brazil

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Thera Winery was conceived by one of the sons of Therezinha Borges de Freitas who, together with her husband Manoel Dilor de Freitas, was a pioneer in the production of high altitude wines in Santa Catarina.

Today, the winery opens its doors to those who want to know more about this type of grape planting and understand how the brand’s wines are produced.

The tours are guided by a sommelier and, after visiting the entire winery, they end with a tasting of four types of Thera wines.

On site, there is an inn for those who want to stay a little longer and enjoy all the charms of the farm and winery.

Terranova Winery – São Francisco Valley (BA)

Best wineries in Brazil

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Vinícola Terranova is part of the Miolo Wine Group – the largest wine exporter in Brazil – and was opened in 2001, in the São Francisco Valley, in Bahia.

The property's vineyards are irrigated with the waters of the São Francisco River and there are two harvests per year.

For those who want to know more about the history of the place and the production of wines, Vinícola Terranova offers a charming tour of all its facilities, from the vineyards to the production of wines.

Geisse Family – Pinto Bandeira (RS) 

Best wineries in Brazil

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Located in Pinto Bandeira, in Serra Gaúcha, the Geisse Family Winery innovated in the way of planting grapes, with the implementation of the espalier system. 

Currently, the Geisse Family maintains vineyards on just 36 hectares - less than half of the property -, where the best soil is found. This is the secret of the quality of their wines.

The entire production can be visited in the different itineraries offered by the Geisse Family. There are options for tours through the vineyards in 4×4 cars or on foot. It is also possible to visit the property just to taste its wines.

Miolo Winery – Vale dos Vinhedos (RS) 

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Also belonging to the Miolo Wine Group – the largest exporter of wines in Brazil, Vinícola Miolo is located in Vale dos Vinhedos, in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul.

The 100-hectare vineyard area produces 800,000 liters of wine a year, including special lines, such as Miolo lot 43.

To get to know the property and the entire production process of its wines, it is possible to schedule a guided tour. In addition to visiting the vineyards, the tour shows the factory and allows you to taste some of the best wines produced there.

Casa Valduga – Vale dos Vinhedos (LOL) 

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The tradition of Casa Valduga goes back over 140 years and the quality of its wines is recognized both in Brazil and in other countries.

Created and maintained by the Valduga Family, the winery invested in wine tourism and opened its property for wine lovers to know more about its production.

The first wine tourism complex in Brazil is located at the Casa Valduga Winery. There, in addition to visiting the entire production process, it is possible to see the underground cellars. 

The place has a restaurant and an inn, in case the visitor wants to enjoy more time there.

Peterlongo – Garibaldi (RS) 

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Located in Garibaldi, in Serra Gaúcha, Peterlongo Winery has more than 100 years of history in the production of Peterlongo wines and sparkling wines.

The visit to the winery is a very pleasant tour. For starters, its headquarters are in a castle-like building.

The tour shows all its vineyards, passes through a museum – where fermentation tanks and machinery are on display -, goes through the historic tunnel – former liquor warehouse – and ends with a tasting of Peterlongo wines.

Salton – Rio das Antas Valley (RS)

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One of the oldest wineries in Brazil, Salton is located in Vale do Rio das Antas and is the main attraction for those who decide to take this tourist route.

More than a winery, it is a wine tourism complex designed to delight those who pass by,

The main building immediately impresses with its majestic architecture. The beautiful gardens in its surroundings complete the beautiful view. 

Salton Winery offers the traditional tour of all its facilities, as well as more exclusive itineraries.

Casa Geraldo – Andradas (MG) 

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The Casa Geraldo Winery has been producing wine for over 30 years and is located in the municipality of Andradas, in Minas Gerais.

Today, it has all the infrastructure to receive visitors who want to know more about its history and beverage manufacturing process.

Casa Geraldo offers a complete tour of its facilities, which also include a restaurant, a VIP bar, a tasting room and the Templo do Vinho, a shop where the best products from the winery can be purchased.

Serra das Galés Winery – Paraúna (GO)

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Located in Paraúna, Goiás, Vinícola Serra das Galés produces 600 tons of grapes per year for the production of various products, including Cálice de Pedra wines. 

The name of the wine line honors the city's main natural monument, Pedra do Cálice.

The Serra das Galés Winery allows visitors to visit its entire structure, from the vineyards to the factory. The best time to visit the grape plantation is between the months of June and July.

Did you like our tips on the best wineries to visit in Brazil? So, don't wait to visit these amazing places!

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