Have you ever thought about discovering a paradisiacal place with almost 200 small islands with crystalline waters surrounded by wild, almost deserted nature? This is only possible in Big Island, located 21 km off the coast of Angra dos Reis, in the Rio de Janeiro. Get ready, explore Big Island it will require a lot of willingness, but at the same time it will provide a complete disconnection from the urban world. Forget a car, motorcycle or bicycle, as all tours are done by boat, or, if you like adventure in your veins, you can take on the intense trails.

Attractions in Ilha Grande

Big Island

Photo: Tarcísio de Paula Salgado/ Wikimedia Commons

Usually, most tourists seek accommodation in the Vila do Abraão, from where the boats arrive and leave, connecting the island with the mainland. There is hotels, inns and a structure of shops and restaurants that leaves nothing to be desired. However, there are also travelers who prefer to stay in more isolated places, to have an even more magical and rustic experience, and there is no shortage of options, after all, there are more than 190 km² of area, full of nature. In addition, from the village it is possible to take a 1 km trail that leads to Praia da Crena and, walking a little further, is Praia do Abraãozinho, two unmissable points! 

what is not missing in Big Island are beaches, there are 100 more! And besides them, small islets that can be visited by tours hired at tourist agencies in the region, or by renting boats and speedboats. The two best-known tourist spots in the region are Lagoa Azul, which is a natural pool surrounded by small islands, with transparent waters, which guarantee a good view of marine animals, and Lagoa Verde, which is full of greenish corals, which justify the visit. its name, and it is one of the few places on the planet where there are corals in this hue, making it even more special.  

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Another essential stop is Lopes Mendes, considered the most beautiful beach in Big Island and has already been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It has 3km of extension and a very rough sea, much sought after by surfers. It is important to go prepared, as there are no bars and restaurants there, to preserve even more its rustic air. If you want to have a maximum roots experience, skip the boats and go to it via trail, which lasts an average of two and a half hours. 

Another heavenly place is the Praia do Aventureiro, which is situated in an environmental protection area in a small fishing village, which has just over 100 inhabitants. There is a lot of beauty to discover in the region through boat trips and it is there that the famous coconut tree is located, one of the postcards of Ilha Grande. Take the opportunity to take many photos and take a freshwater bath in the waterfalls that can be accessed by trails. 

Another essential stop, which has an impressive view is Praia De Dois Rios, where the sea meets two rivers, which are located at each end of the beach and flow into the sea. Like most places, it can also be accessed by a trail, which leaves the Vila do Abraão and is 9km long, but don't be alarmed, as there are no major difficulties, as it is actually a road that can be traveled by adventurers. 

Big Island


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