At 215 meters high, the portal of the Casa de Pedra cave, one of the attractions of PETAR, in the extreme south of São Paulo, is the largest in the world. Know more: 

THE Brazil accumulates some records when it comes to natural beauty. One of them, still little known, is in the interior of São Paulo. It is the largest cave portal ever discovered and which even keeps its place in the busy Guinness Book.

At 215 meters high, the cave's portico Stone house, one of the attractions of PETAR (Touristic State Park of Alto Ribeira), impresses. The cave is part of one of the five nuclei open to visitors in the park, a true natural treasure located in the extreme south of the State of São Paulo, close to the border with Paraná.

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How to Visit the World's Largest Cave Portal 

world's largest cave portal 

Photo: Ecocave/ Reproduction Facebook

But after all, is it possible to visit the largest cave portal in the world in the interior of São Paulo? In fact, the cave Stone house, which belongs to the nucleus of the same name, is temporarily closed, but it is possible to access a place that allows you to glimpse its incredible “gateway”.

The route takes place through a heavy trail of approximately four hours. The route, surrounded by dense Atlantic forest, is heavy and full of climbs and rivers to cross, requiring some physical preparation. However, it all pays off when the incredible view of the cave appears before your eyes.

Access to this Casa de Pedra nucleus at PETAR is free, but it is mandatory to hire a regional monitor, which can be done at the various tourism agencies that operate in Iporanga, the city closest to the place. The trails must be carried out with long pants and blouses, as well as shoes suitable for walking.

In addition to Stone house, the PETAR, considered UNESCO World Heritage Site, still maintains three other centers, with 12 caves open to visitors, in addition to trails and waterfalls. They are Santana, Ouro Grosso and Caboclos. we created a complete petar guide that explains the step by step to know this place, which is among the 100 most beautiful places to travel in Brazil.

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