The Astronomical Pole of Amparo, located 130 kilometers from the capital, inaugurated the largest reflecting telescope for public use in Brazil

Astronomy lovers will now have a new and modern instrument to observe the sky in the countryside of São Paulo. THE Amparo Astronomical Pole, a city approximately 130 kilometers from the capital, inaugurated a new and modern open telescope in the complex.

The device is the one that best offers conditions for observation of celestial stars throughout the state of São Paulo and it is also the largest in Brazil that allows visitor access. The instrument is capable of collecting about 14,000 times more light than the human eye and its main component is a 650mm diameter parabolic mirror, allowing visitors to see stars, nebulae and galaxies.

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biggest telescope brazil sp

Photo: Disclosure

But what exactly is a reflecting telescope? “Basically, telescopes are equipment that collect light and provide magnified images of distant objects. Some use only lenses, such as refractors or astronomical telescopes. Others work through the combination of lenses and special mirrors, they are the reflecting telescopes, as is the case of the new instrument in operation at the Pole of Amparo”, explained the director of the Astronomical Pole, Carlos Eduardo Mariano.

Best time to see the stars

For those who want to admire the celestial beauties and learn about the planets in the new equipment, a tip is to pay a visit to the complex in winter. The months of July, August and September provide ideal conditions for making observations, as the sky is clearer.

To give you an idea, during these months it is possible to see high resolution images of the lunar surface, details of Jupiter's atmosphere, such as its dark bands and the large red spot and the beautiful rings of Saturn, which become a gift for the eyes.

biggest telescope brazil

Largest telescope open to the public in Brazil is inaugurated in the interior of SP. Photo: Disclosure

The Astronomical Pole complex offers other experiences and has three other 360mm, 340mm and 20mm aperture reflector telescopes, a 150mm refractor and two instruments for solar observation. In addition to them, there is also a digital planetarium used in starry sky simulations and projections.

The visits to Amparo Astronomical Pole can be held every Saturday, from 7pm to 10pm, with admission to R$ 30 and R$ 15 for students, cardholders, seniors and teachers.

+ Info
Amparo Astronomical Pole
Rod. Benevenuto Moretto (SP-095), Km 29/ Amparo – SP
Phone: (19) 3326-8264

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