A Boeing 747 was all modified to serve as a structure for this dream project

In all, more than R$2 billion was disbursed just to renovate the aircraft, which took more than 3 years to complete and became a real mansion in the air. To idealize the project, the owner chose a large aircraft with modern technology to withstand longer trips. Thinking about serving each of the spaces designed and guaranteeing extreme comfort for the “mansion in the heights”, the project has an entrance hall, large rooms, dining room, its own restaurant, VIP area, meeting room, office and a suite. luxurious main house that resembles a five star hotel.

With the frequent trips for work, the owner looked for an alternative to have more comfort during the trips, being able to rest and work between one destination and another. The choice of a large aircraft made it possible to fill all the internal spaces as if it were a normal house, taking away the feeling of being in heights.

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Normally the Boeing 747 has the capacity to accommodate up to 600 people and can fly more than 15,000 km at a speed of Mach 0.855, which makes it an ideal aircraft for customization and efficiency at the time of flights. This is the best way for you to travel the world without leaving home, right? The project was created by the company Greenpoint Technologies.

The master suite is spacious and offers comfort for longer trips. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

The aircraft has been completely redesigned to bring a home-like feel to the environments. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

The meeting room allows for small meetings and conferences during the flight. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

An in-flight restaurant also offers in-flight meals. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

Right at the entrance, the designed hall is the space to welcome passengers. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

Another living space was also designed to receive guests. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

Large rooms equipped with minibar, TV, sound system and other perks for the trip. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

All rooms were used to optimize the space of the aircraft. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

The accommodations are private and offer ample spaces for guests. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

After the renovation, the Boeing 747 became a mansion in the heights. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

Plane of the plane shows how some environments were distributed. Photo: Publicity / Greenpoint

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