Some precautions and strategies can guarantee airline tickets really cheaper during Black Friday 2018

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For those who have a trip planned and are just waiting for a good offer to buy a cheaper ticket, sexta-feira Negra, which always takes place on the penultimate Friday of November, could be the perfect opportunity.

Despite not having as many promotions as abroad, sexta-feira Negra Brazilian tourism moves the tourism market and, whoever knows how to look for it, will find good opportunities. You have to be careful not to fall into holes known as “tourist hunters”: promotions that seem unmissable, but that often offer packages and tickets for prices even higher than those practiced on conventional dates.

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Therefore, it is important to take some care to ensure a value that really pays off and avoid deception. With good planning, a lot of research, focus and attention, it is possible to find many Cheapest Airline Tickets During Black Friday.

Check out our tips and get ready for the most awaited Friday of the year!

Have focus

It's no use waiting cheap flights on black friday if you don't have at least one destination in mind. Start planning: determine where you want to go, stipulate a maximum amount to spend and also a period to make your trip. Organization and focus are essential to identify discounts more easily and to avoid future regrets.

Create ticket alerts

It is very important to follow the Black Friday airfare deals well in advance to identify the best opportunities. There are several sites where you can create alerts such as kayak, skyscanner, Voopter and Google Flights.

Just enter your email to receive alerts with interesting values for the chosen destination. You can create a series of filters to determine your preferences.

Start researching before Black Friday

Avoid starting your search from cheap air tickets only on Friday promotions. According to a survey carried out by the Kayak travel planning tool, in 2017, most airfare prices were cheaper in the week before and after Black Friday here in Brazil.

According to the same survey, in a list of 15 most popular destinations, only three (São Paulo, Fortaleza and Orlando) were cheaper on Black Friday 2017 compared to the previous and following weeks.

Register on airline and tour operator websites

All airline and tour operator websites provide a space for subscriptions to offers where emails are sent with regular promotions and also related to November 23, when Black Friday 2018 will take place.

In order not to miss out on good opportunities, it is interesting to subscribe to these channels to receive exclusive content related to offers for cheap tickets on Black Friday 2018. Keep an eye on these materials!

Buy only from trusted sites

At this time of year, fake promotions tend to circulate more frequently. Always check if the address of the page accessed is known and be suspicious if the discount offered is too high. You can contact the airline or travel operator to find out if that offer is really valid.  

Use channels like TripAdvisor to check the reputation of the agency or company before closing a package or buy a discount ticket on Black Friday. To find out if the company is reliable, you can access the website of the procon or the Complain here. Also check the brand's social media and reviews from other travelers.

Browse incognito

There are reports that some companies use data provided by cookies and computer IP to monitor your browsing and increase the prices of the flight of interest to you. To avoid this monitoring, simply search for tickets using the incognito tab of your browser. Also, another tip is to change your location to a country other than Brazil.

Compare prices

Many businesses participating in Black Friday have already started publicizing their offers. A good way is to start, from now on, to write down promotions and information. A tip is to make a spreadsheet and buy the prices to make sure you've chosen the best offer. The more organized you are, the better your chances of securing an incredible discount on Black Friday 2018 airline tickets and make that long-awaited trip.

So, prepared to enjoy the best discount on tickets at sexta-feira Negra?

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