A trip back in time, to the colonial era, when mining activity dominated Vila Rica, all this is only possible in Black gold, located within the Minas Gerais, just 100 km from the capital. A paradise for lovers of the arts and religion, full of riches, considered a Brazilian historical heritage. Between museums and churches that refer to baroque art, lives a contagious joy that attracts thousands of tourists in search of one of the liveliest carnivals in the country. 

You will hardly find a city with as many beautiful churches open to visitors as Black gold. There are more than 20 places, which also represent true works of art, with an architecture that leaves anyone speechless. All this because they were works of great artists of the Baroque period, as is the case of Antônio Francisco Lisboa, better known as Aleijadinho. Its history blends with Ouro Preto, making the region a part of itself.  

Attractions in Ouro Preto

Black gold

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Prepare your shoes (best comfortable sneakers) and be willing to walk, because the list is long. Be sure to visit the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, the Church of São Francisco de Assis, the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição by Antônio Dias, the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos and the Church of Santa Ifigenia. These are just the main ones, as there are many others that can be visited inside. 

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Museums are another obligatory stop in this historic temple, among the best known is the Museu da Inconfidência, which houses various tools and documents that tell about the process of independence from the Brazil. To learn more about how the mining process interfered in the territory, the Science and Technique Museum of the Escola de Minas/ UFOPS guarantees a complete collection. 

For travelers who appreciate sacred art, the Aleijadinho Museum, where there is an exhibition of some of his works, the Oratory Museum and the Museum of Sacred Art of Black gold will surprise. To continue enjoying the local architecture, it is worth visiting Casa de Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, Casa dos Contos, Casa dos Inconfidentes and Casa da Ópera, four buildings that today house cultural centers, but which are the attraction in themselves. 

To make your trip even more unforgettable, it is worth visiting some mines from where the ores and precious stones were extracted during the mining period, when Ouro Preto was still known as Vila Rica. The tours are guided and have details about the process and how it interfered in the city. The most popular are in the historic center, such as the Chico Rei Mine, the Du Veloso Mine and the Santa Rita Mine. If you're willing to pay a higher price for the ticket, consider Mina da Passagem, the only industrial facility open to the public. It is possible to go through the tunnels in a cart that passes through old rails, which were used in the past. 

Enjoy the viewpoints and beautiful landscapes of Black gold and don't forget that in this magical place, you can discover something new around every corner. 

Black gold

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