The Cacau Show chain has just purchased the famous Blue Mountain Resort & Spa in Campos do Jordão (SP) and intends to transform it into a hotel with a theme aimed at chocolate lovers.

The new accommodation was named Blessed Cacao and is scheduled to open in December. The hotel will have 94 apartments with two presidential suites and rates starting at R$ 1,500.

With a theme totally inspired by chocolate, cacao will be very present in all spaces: decorations, desserts in restaurants, or even in spas, with therapy made with cocoa!

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Blessed Cacao

hotel cocoa show campo do jordão

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With an investment of R$ 90 million, the Cocoa themed resort show will be operated by Txai Resorts, which owns a luxury hotel in Itacaré, a cocoa-producing region on the coast of Bahia.

Sponsor of the culinary reality show Masterchef, the company intends to install a kitchen with the program's brand in the hotel, where guests will learn how to produce chocolate desserts.

“After 33 years of hard work, we are implementing this beautiful hotel in Campos do Jordão called Bendito Cacao Resort & Spa. While in our stores we can provide incredible experiences, which last for a maximum of one hour, inside our hotel, we can offer immersion days, where consumers will be able to know everything about this wonderful product that is cocoa. Not just chocolate, but all the by-products that this food of the gods can offer people”, said Alexandre Costa, founder and executive director of the company, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Cocoa Show

Founded in 1988, Cacau Show has 3,307 employees, 264 of which in its own stores and 3,043 in industry and offices. There are 2,400 franchisees and 244 own stores. The production capacity is 22 thousand tons/year. Revenue forecast for 2021 is R$ 2.9 billion, up from last year's R$ 2 billion. The brand has more than 12 thousand employees throughout Brazil.

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