One of the most famous attractions in Bonito (MS), Nascente Azul is about to open an underwater museum

Mato Grosso do Sul will have an additional that will put the state on the route of lovers of tourism and sustainability. Also in October, the Bonito Underwater Museum, maintained by the Nascente Azul resort and which offers a diving experience that is only available in countries like France and Cyprus.

The site is located in a lake four meters deep, at the same point where a diving service already operates. The idea couldn't be simpler: to add statues of local artists to the scene, focusing on sustainability and environmental preservation. Think of the classic image of statues in the background of aquariums with greenery around them and fish passing by. Now imagine that with you in place of the fish…

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Diving instructors will be on site able to guide visitors, who can even take their children from 10 years old. Divided into groups of up to four people, provided with air cylinders, visitors accompany the visit in a fully controlled environment designed to include even those who have never dived before.

“This lake has running water coming directly from the source and is home to a rich aquatic biodiversity, with fish of different species, such as piraputanga, pacu, lambari, dourado, piau and many others”, explains the official statement from Nascente Azul. .

In addition to enjoying the works of art and the fish, visitors will also be able to see the process of integration between the statues and the aquatic flora. The intention is to let the statues be gradually consumed by the plants until they become an integral part of the scenario. Do you know the photos of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? You can imagine the statues in the museum in the same state…

Intrigued? Just remember the other underwater museums around the world and we guarantee you won't regret it. After all, they are extremely sought after and appreciated tourist spots around the world. He doubts? So just look at the list of similar ones and where they are located:

  • Underwater Museum of Art – Cancun, Mexico
  • Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – Grenada
  • Atlantic Museum – Island of Lanzarote, Spain
  • Cannes Underwater Museum – Cannes, France
  • Ayia Napa Underwater Sculpture Museum – Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  • Museum of Underwater Art – Townsville, Australia (first in the world)
  • Museum of Underwater Art – Walton County (Florida), United States

how to visit

Contact to visit the museum can be made via the internet on the resort's official website ( It is worth remembering that the diving offered there is the only diving in Brazil certified with ISO 21101 issued by ABNT, which deals with the safety management system in adventure tourism.

For ecotourism lovers, blue spring It also has other attractions such as floating in crystalline waters, trails for contemplation of the forest, spa with beach, kiosks and adventure circuit over the lake, human pendulum, zip line, bar and restaurant, in addition to several points considered “Instagrammable”.

Attractions in Bonito

blue rising

Photo: Disclosure

Enjoy your stay in the city and stretch your shins to discover other natural attractions that are sure to complement the natural experience of the underwater museum. Here are six highlights:

Blue Lake Grotto – Descend 300 steps and observe stalactites and stalagmites, preferably between December and January.

Sucuri River – Considered the most transparent in Brazil. A guide helps you navigate the 1,900 meters of river, offering unique contact with nature.

Mysterious Lagoon – A popular place for diving and floating, it has this name due to the fact that it is not known exactly where it ends.

Baía Bonita Natural Aquarium – with days and hours of floating for tourists with guides. Enjoy the company of fish and learn more about aquatic vegetation.

Serras da Bodoquena Waterfall – Located at the gateway to the Pantanal. With the right to a waterfall bath, visits to caves and boat descent.

Boca da Onça Ecotur – Twelve waterfalls and lots of vegetation for those who want to distance themselves from large urban centers. There are more than 5 thousand meters in the middle of a fully preserved forest.

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