How to book a hotel through Booking: find accommodation options in over 200 countries around the world

THE offers several options for reservations for the destination and dates you choose and always seeks the best value for your trip with accommodation in more than 200 countries around the world. The site also offers a space that shows the evaluation of guests who have already stayed at the hotel, being the perfect way to ensure the right choice for your next stay.

The entire structure and navigation of the site is easy to understand. In it you can find options for hotels, inns, resorts, hostels and vacation homes, all in simple ways in a few clicks. In this post we show you how easy it is book hotel through Check out:

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Registration on the Booking website

How to book a hotel through Booking

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It is not necessary to register on the site to be able to book your hotel, but it is valid to inform you that people registered at Bokking have some advantages when performing the search while logged in, among them are:

  • Exclusive rates for site members.
  • Receive emails related to your last search, one of them is the possible price drop of some hosting seen previously.
  • Search history to continue the search in the future.

To register you need to click on the “Register” button that is in the upper right corner of the site. The only information that is mandatory at the beginning of the registration is e-mail and password.

How to make a reservation on Booking

How to book a hotel through Booking

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 1

You can start your reservation, using the search box right here on the website located on the right side, or enter the official website of and do your research. You can search for the best option by looking for an accommodation or a destination along with the arrival and departure dates from the hotel, also adding the number of guests who will stay during the period, with the number of adults and children. Then the website will provide all the options offered on the spot.

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 2

You will enter a page showing all the hotels available in the locality and chosen dates, there are dozens of options for the main destinations in Brazil and the world. The first results that appear are always the hotels most recommended by the, but it is also possible to change the search filter and define the categories by “stars”, “location”, “price” or “guest rating”.

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 3

Watch out for any warnings. If the dates chosen are during a time of high demand in that location, either for specific events or high season, the website will inform you how many spots are still available for the moment. There are thousands of people who buy through Booking, so don't wait until the last minute to book your hotel, as there may be unavailability.

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 4

Once you have chosen your hotel, click on “book now”. You will go to a page that shows all the information about your choice. Don't forget to check the opinion of previous guests in the reviews field, this is the best way to see what other guests are saying about the hotel. At the bottom of the page you will find important information about additional fees, if any, parking, amenities such as internet, breakfast, whirlpool, balcony to the sea, among other information.

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 5

Before closing the deal, be clear if there are additional fees at the hotel or period you have chosen. After choosing your hotel, the next step is to choose your accommodation. Watch out for icons and notices about fees not covered in the rate, such as taxes and service charge. Another important issue is the rules for canceling accommodation based on current legislation. A question mark icon will appear next to the offer for more information. Mouse over to learn about cancellation rules specific to that reservation and if there are extra fees.

Book a hotel through Booking – Step 6

Having everything clear, choose your room and register your contact information with personal email, name, address and other information for payment directly on the website. Every reservations require a credit card number to be made, as is customary in the market. So far there is no option to pay via boleto, but it may be released soon, as is always making new updates.

booking done, you will receive a confirmation email. Now just enjoy the trip.

How to cancel reservation on Booking?

to do the booking cancellation on Booking you need to go to your booking confirmation email and look for the cancellation policy. The field “Cancellation costs” informs all the hotel rules. To definitively cancel your reservation, click on the “Cancel your reservation” button.

Another way is to enter the Booking website and login. After that, find in the “reservations” menu, click on the reservation you want to cancel, click on “cancel reservation” and confirm the cancellation. If there are fees, they will be shown at the time of cancellation.

Each hotel has its own cancellation fees and unfortunately you will have to pay for this. According to the Consumer Protection code, you have up to seven days to cancel your reservation without paying anything for it. It is the right to regret purchases made over the internet. In this case, please contact to discuss this possibility.

What are Booking's cancellation policies?

There are three types of Booking cancellation policies which vary according to the advertisement of the accommodation.

  1. Free cancellation – You can cancel without paying any fees until a certain date prior to arrival. After this period, a percentage will be charged on top of the value;
  2. Partially refundable – A percentage of cancellation fee will be charged after booking confirmation;
  3. Not refundable - Once the reservation is made, there is no possibility of refund and the fee is 100%.

Before closing your accommodation, it is important to know that each accommodation defines the rules for cancellation, as well as the percentage and minimum days. That's why it's important to pay attention to the accommodation's cancellation policy before closing.

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