We list for you some places in Brazil to make cheap trips and enjoy your holiday with family, friends or alone.

THE holiday it's one of the moments we look forward to the most throughout the week, having a break in the middle of the rush is the best thing to renew energy. Especially when we decide to rest or discover new things, so planning a trip in the meantime can be a great choice.

Between choosing an expensive place or a cheap place, we usually prefer the ones that are cheaper. Thus, we chose 27 cheap places in Brazil to travel on holiday, between beaches, hills and small towns, for sure, one of these destinations is ideal for you to enjoy your days off.

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green Hill

Photo: Mary Jane Menezes / Wikimedia Commons

green Hill It is one of best places to visit on holiday, since it has a super European and classic decoration, being a perfect for the cold. As it is located high in the mountains, the municipality has many trails and tours of quads to the top, where it is possible to have a beautiful view of the horizon.


Photo: Denise Mayumi / Flickr

The city of sprouts It is highly recommended for those who enjoy adventure and ecotourism. The location offers many waterfalls and activities like rafting, zipline, trails, quads, tree climbing, kayaked and many others. It's a great place to go with family and friends, remembering that if you're with children, many activities are adapted for the little ones, so don't worry.

Cable camp

Photo: Edu / Flickr

Cable camp it's definitely one of the best places to relax on holiday. In addition to having beautiful beaches, the place also offers viewpoints, boat trips, water sports and also diving, if you want to delve into the local nature.


Photo: Atramos / Flickr

Popularly known as Floripa, the city of Florianopolis is attracting more and more tourists. It is one of the most recommended places to travel on holiday because it offers sandboarding, a large historic center, boat trips, visits to the Tamar project, popular nights and even paradisiacal beaches.


Photo: sergiomazzi / Flickr

The city of Curitiba It's one of those places that doesn't matter if you travel with or alone, the benefit of the trip will be on the same level. The place has attractions such as Curitiba Botanical Garden it's the Oscar Niemeyer museum, in addition to offering numerous parks and fairs, so you can immerse yourself in the daily lives of the residents.


Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

Other cheap place to travel on holiday is the city of paraty. In addition to offering beautiful beaches, the strong point is the historic center, which has houses and buildings from the colonial period, with many crafts and artwork about the local culture. It is possible to take a horseback tour or just enjoy the stone paths on foot.

Port of Chickens

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa / Wikimedia Commons

the region of Port of Chickens it's great for plan your holiday trip, nothing better than discovering natural pools and taking the opportunity to take a dip and discover the marine world. Some famous spots like the Carneiros Beach it's the Hippocampus Project, which allow a beautiful view of the local seahorses, attract tourists.


Photo: Vitor Jubini/MTur

Victory manages to be the perfect combination of the big city and the beach. It is one of the cheap places to travel in Brazil, considering famous spots like the Camburi beach and the one Praia do Canto. But it also offers Tamar de Vitória Project and historic sites such as Anchieta Palace it's the zen monastery.


Photo: A. Duarte / Flickr

Strength It is one of the most chosen destinations to go with family and friends. In addition to offering the water park Beach Park, also has popular beaches such as iracema and the Future beach. Other points are White Hill and the seaside fairs.


Photo: Rafael Vianna Croffi / Flickr

One of the Cheap places to travel in Brazil It's ubatuba. The city receives a lot of tourists on holidays, so why not try trails and discover some deserted beaches hidden in the middle of the bush? Another bonus of the city is the amount of accommodation, from campsites until hotels the city has room for everyone.


cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Daniel Francisco Madrigal Möller

THE PETAR, Alto de Ribeira Tourist State Park, is located between the municipalities of Apiaí and Iporanga. The location has caves, waterfalls, trails, quilombos and archaeological sites. If you are willing to venture out and not just see it by sight, the park offers activities such as abseiling, rock climbing and zip lines. So don't miss this opportunity to know more about São Paulo.

Belo Horizonte

Photo: Belo Horizonte City Hall

If you want to get away from this beach routine on holiday, Belo Horizonte is the right place for you. It's a big city, so it has the Cultural Center of the Bank of Brazil, BH Central Market and several fairs spread out. In addition, BH offers the Minas Gerais Memorial it's the Palace of Arts.

Viscount of Mauá

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: André Viviani

A point outside the curve in Rio de Janeiro is the city of Viscount of Maua. Contrary to the many successes of the State, the city offers more rustic tours such as the Slide Waterfall it's the Alcantilado Valley. Therefore, it is considered one of the cheapest places to travel on holiday.


Photo: Leonardo Quintino

Go to Guarapari it is to make the most of what the Holy Spirit has to offer. The city is known for its beautiful beaches such as Morro Beach and the Castanheiras beach. But in addition, the place also has the Paulo Cesar State Park Came and some waterfalls that can be visited.

Bento Gonçalves

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Caliel Lima da Costa / Flickr

One of the places worth visiting on your holiday is Bento Gonçalves. The place offers tours of the wineries and wineries in the region, such as the Valley of the Vineyards. Because the culture of wine production is very strong, it is worth exploring many restaurants and trying different types of wine on your holiday.

Embaú Guard

Photo: Douglas Scortegagna

Another cheap place to travel on holiday It's Embaú Guard. The region is known for two main tourist spots, Prainha, a paradisiacal beach, and Pedra do Urubu, a rock that is accessed by trail and offers a beautiful view of the horizon at its top.   

Cambará do Sul

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Jjunoo

One of the best destinations for travel on holiday and discovering new things is Cambará do Sul. The great strength of the region is its landscape, different from the others in Brazil, the place has the Itaimbezinho Canyon, Fortress Canyon it's the Crowned Indian Canyon, all with a beautiful view of nature. This type of tour is interesting both for those who want to take some time for themselves and for those who want to enjoy it with friends and family.


Photo: Nathanael De Melo Araujo

The friendly city of Penedo, is located in the state of Alagoas, and is considered one of the most graceful historic cities in Brazil. If you want to discover even more about the history of the country and the northeast, go to churches and convents Of region. Also don't forget to visit Theater Seven of September and the Penedo House.


cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Codevasf

In addition to the beautiful beaches that Aracaju has to offer, the place is great to enjoy the Northeastern history with the Museum of Sergipe People and deepen your knowledge of marine life in the Aracaju Oceanarium. As with other tours on the list, we recommend visiting this city both as a group and individually to delve into the local culture.

Vila Velha State Park

Photo: Pitagoras abreu

Located in the municipality of Ponta grossa, The Vila Velha State Park offers a view of several rocks in different formats. Inside the park it is possible to Fortress Trail, night walk and cycle tourism. If you want to go with a large number of friends or family, you need to book your trip in advance, so stay tuned.

Veadeiros Plateau

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Antonio José Maia Guimaraes

THE Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park It is one of cheap places to visit on holiday. There you can discover immense waterfalls like the Secret Waterfall and the Almécegas Waterfall. Ecotourism is also present in the Valley of the Moon and on Leather Waterfall.

San Sebastian

Photo: Ivano Gutz

the municipality of San Sebastian it is the place that houses the most famous beaches in São Paulo. beaches like salty sea, Juquehy, Camburi and Whale Beach mark the entire territory, in addition to offering waterfalls and trails, allowing a much greater contact with nature.

João Pessoa

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Marinelson Almeida

One of the places worth meet on holiday It's João Pessoa. The city offers incredible places like the Cabo Branco beach and the Tambau beach, but it also has attractions such as natural pools, a handicraft market and a historic center, with the famous San Francisco Church.

Beautiful island

Photo: Marinelson Almeida

Another great discovery of the State of São Paulo is the region of Beautiful island. In addition to being a great spot, which attracts solo travelers or groups of families and friends, Ilhabela offers all kinds of tours, such as Cat Waterfall, a Castilian Bay, Bonete Beach and historic sites such as Nossa Senhora D'Ajuda and Bom Sucesso Church.


cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Snz58148687 / Flickr

one more of cheap places to travel on holiday It's Bethlehem. The city offers everything you need in one place, as it is possible to visit famous spots such as  Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, The Mangrove of the Cranes, Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth and the big See-o-Peso Market.

safe harbor

Photo: Vicente Eugenio

If you've heard of safe harbor, surely you have heard about the alcohol walkway. The region with beaches is one of the most sought after by young people to spend their holidays or enjoy some parties. But Porto also has historic centers with a lot of Bahian culture, especially if you are interested in seeing a performance by capoeira or eat one Shrimp bean ball.

Sierra Negra

cheap places to travel on holiday

Photo: Mark Hillary

If you really want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Sierra Negra and the place to travel on holiday that you will enjoy the most. The region is surrounded by nature, with mountainous areas, so a walk in the Alto da Serra and not Serra Negra cable car is recommended. Take this opportunity to discover more than Sao Paulo has to offer.

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