Brazil is in 48th place in the new world ranking of passports, the Global Passport Index, with low scores in the quality of life and investment indices.

Created by the migration investment consultancy, Global Citizen Solutions, the Global Passport Index, is an online tool that helps to understand and classify passports, not only by the number of countries possible to visit without needing a visa, but by a vision more complete, including mobility indexes, investment opportunities and quality of life offered to those who have that citizenship.

The ten strongest passports in the world are, respectively: USA, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Finland, Norway and New Zealand. The United States of America ranked 10th in the Enhanced Mobility Index, 4th in the Investment Index and 23rd in the Quality of Living Index. But with a total score of 96.4, the US leads the way in the Global Passport ranking.

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The methodology of the Global Passport Index was built by two data analysts, the Brazilian Roberto de Pinho and the Mexican Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, using references from organizations such as UNESCO, OECD and Inter-American Development Bank.

Each index has a specific weight in the composition of the Global Index, as follows: 50% for Enhanced Mobility, 25% for Investment and 25% for Quality of Life.

To measure the attractiveness of each passport, the duo developed a new analysis methodology, using dozens of indicators related to mobility, investment and quality of life, sourced from diverse sources such as the World Economic Forum, Gallup and the Yale Center for Legislation and Environmental Policy.

In the end, the Global Index was composed of three independent indicators: Enhanced Mobility Index, Investment Index and Quality of Living Index. The junction of these three indices, with different weights, is what forms the Global Index.

In each index, users can filter passports by region or sort the results by different parameters, in addition to accessing individual country rankings. It is also possible to compare the chosen passports.

Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director of Global Citizen Solutions, says there was a need to develop a new passport ranking that went beyond mobility in travel.

“From the feedback gained from years of experience working directly with our clients, we realized that what really mattered to them when seeking a second citizenship was not just mobility, but also the lifestyle and investment opportunities offered by the new passport. It quickly became clear that the time was right to develop a Passport Index that took these factors into account, creating a more complete methodology for comparing countries and their passports.”

On the American continent, the most powerful passports are:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Chile
  4. Brazil
  5. Argentina
  6. the Bahamas
  7. Mexico
  8. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Uruguay

In the Americas, the three most powerful passports are those of the US, Canada and Chile. According to the Investment Index of the Global Passport Index, Saint Kitts and Nevis scores much higher than the South American economic giants Brazil and Argentina, due to the country's low taxation.

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