National Parks in Brazil will be closed for a period of one week from this Tuesday (17)

Stay tuned for the closing days of the national parks and schedule your next ones travel in Brazil for a few months from now. THE ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation) announced a notice about the suspension of visitation in all federal conservation areas in the country. The Brazilian National Parks will be closed for one week, and may be extended.

“Considering the classification of the world situation of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), an autarchy linked to the Ministry of the Environment, suspends, by determination of the President of the Republic, public visitation in all federal conservation units for a period of one week, counting from the present date, with the possibility of extension.

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The measure complies with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and aims to contribute to the safety of the population at a time when it is necessary to avoid agglomerations.”

Closed National Parks in Brazil

Chapada Diamantina is on the list of National Parks closed due to the coronavirus. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Currently, Brazil has 73 conservation areas, but only 42 are open to visitors. Among the closed National Parks are Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, Lençóis Maranhenses, in Maranhão, and Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia.

Check out the list of national parks that have been closed for visitation:

  • Costa dos Corais Environmental Protection Area, AL
  • Environmental Protection Area of the Nascentes do Rio Vermelho, GO
  • Cairuçu Environmental Protection Area, RJ
  • Delta do Parnaíba Environmental Protection Area, PI
  • Brasilia National Forest, DF
  • Canela National Forest, RS
  • Carajás National Forest, PA
  • Ipanema National Forest, SP
  • Lorena National Forest, SP
  • Palmares National Forest, PI
  • Passa Quatro National Forest, MG
  • Sao Francisco de Paula National Forest, RS
  • Sylvania National Forest, GO
  • Parna Ilha Grande, PR
  • Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park, MG
  • Amazon National Park, PA
  • Chapada Diamantina National Park, BA
  • Lagoa do Peixe National Park, RS
  • Serra da Canastra National Park, MG
  • Serra da Capivara National Park, PI
  • Serra do Gandarela National Park, MG
  • Serra do Itajai National Park, SC
  • Serra Geral National Park, RS
  • Emas National Park, GO
  • Boa Nova National Park, BA
  • Brasilia National Park, DF
  • Jericoacoara National Park, CE
  • Sete Cidades National Park, PI
  • Caparao National Park, MG
  • Catimbau National Park, PE
  • Jau National Park, AM
  • Pantanal Matogrossense National Park, MT
  • Pau Brasil National Park, BA
  • Superagui National Park, PR
  • Viruá National Park, RR
  • Monte Pascoal National and Historic Park, BA
  • Grande Sertao Veredas National Park, MG
  • Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park, PE
  • União Biological Reserve, RJ

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