Getting married overlooking the Caribbean Sea in a ceremony on the beautiful beaches of Cancun is no longer a distant dream for Brazilian couples

The Brazilian company get married in Cancun offers advice to couples who dream marry (or renew your vows) on the beaches of Cancun, the main attraction of the Mexican Caribbean. Barefoot in front of the classic turquoise Caribbean sea, couples can choose from a complete ceremony for family and friends, including tickets, tours, party and hotel accommodation. all inclusive or in a more intimate format, with just a smaller ceremony for two, exclusive and personalized for the couple.

Having a wedding party in Brazil is really expensive and more and more Brazilian couples realize that the values for a wedding in cancun, even with the air tickets, it still becomes more economical than a medium and high standard party in Brazil.

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Based in Cancún, the agency offers the full service to organize the party and believes that this ceremony format is a great way to involve the couple and all the guests, making the experience even more memorable for family and friends. Interested in getting married in Cancun? Check out the interview we did with Isabella Grassitelli, owner of get married in Cancun.

What is the biggest benefit of getting married in this Caribbean paradise?

The ceremony can be done just for the couple or with guests. Photo: Walter Tot

The destination speaks for itself: it is a paradise place, with several attractions, different culture, warm people, a structure created and shaped to receive tourists (Cancún was literally built to be a tourist city).

Many couples also seek to align the honeymoon with the ceremony, whether with or without guests. If it is with guests, a nice itinerary is created, with unmissable tours here, passing by beaches, diving, welcome dinner, parties in nightclubs, in addition to the wedding itself. So with the price of a wedding in Brazil you can travel, explore a new place, a new culture, enjoy a hotel all inclusive, walk a lot, have your wedding and enjoy with your family and friends. I believe this is the real reason to enchant so much.

How much does it cost to get married in Cancun?

There are basically two formats: the Elopement Wedding it is the ceremony just for the couple and the average investment is around 800 to 3,000 dollars. This is already a very complete package with everything you are entitled to: limousine, romantic dinner, rehearsal in the Cenote, tours and many other treats. The second option for a Destination Wedding (ceremony with guests) the value varies according to the desired package and number of people. For this format the values are from 2,000 dollars, the simplest option.

Why do most Brazilian couples choose Cancun as their wedding destination?

More and more Brazilians choose to hold their wedding party in other countries. Photo: Publicity/Marriage in Cancún

I believe that cancun It is a popular destination for being an easily accessible place for Brazilians, and often a trip to Cancún (even with a wedding ceremony) is more affordable than traveling to get married in another Brazilian destination. THE ceremony In itself, it has an incredible differential, which is the view of the turquoise blue sea of the Caribbean, leaving anyone enchanted, that is, it doesn't need much to leave the couple and even the guests really gaping.

A simple ceremony on the beach is enough to have a super different, unique and more intimate wedding. And Brazilians today are increasingly seeking to leave the conventional. A lot of people also look for us in an attempt to save money with the wedding that abroad, in fact, is less expensive than in Brazil. Events are getting more and more expensive out there and just with the price of a wedding and buffet advice, the couple can already hire a complete ceremony out here.

What are the cost differences when compared to a medium and high standard party in Brazil?

That depends a lot. Weddings in Brazil are unique, Brazilians do weddings and parties like no one else. It's not like that out here. Things are faster, simpler and more objective. A space for ceremony and reception is hired, starting with just 3 hours of event. For North American audiences, for example, 3 hours is more than enough. The Mexican also likes to extend the parties like us Brazilians, but even so here this culture is not predominant.

So most people who get married in Cancun, are looking for something different, simpler and more intimate. They don't look for classic parties that last until 6 am. Many have their wedding ceremony followed by a cocktail reception, or breakfast or even dinner and then the party continues in the Coco Bongo (For those who don't know, this is a famous concert venue in Cancun, the darling of tourists).

If the idea is to have a classic wedding party, with a party until the morning and with everything that is right, the price will certainly be similar to Brazil. But still, it's not nearly as expensive. It is precisely for these and other differentials that we get married in Cancun, we seek to have weddings in beach clubs instead of hotels, where you can have your party all night, without any hassle, with everything you are entitled to and in a personalized way, for a more affordable price than in Brazil.

What are the main places that couples choose to get married in Cancun?

Until a while ago, I had the idea that wedding it had to be done in a hotel. Even because Cancún is a place that doesn't have many public beaches or beach clubs. It is difficult to access the most beautiful beaches in cancun, if not through hotels or clubs.

When we started to perform the ceremonies, we broke this taboo and explored another format that worked. The problem with hotels is the way they lock you into a simple, expensive package that often doesn't meet the couple's requirements. We do weddings outside the hotels, at fair prices, and personalizing the reception, the ceremony, the couple's moment - before and after the wedding - the way they always dreamed of!

The idea is not to sell a package, after all, we are talking about a wedding, right? We have ready-made packages that include items ABC, but we always customize according to the needs of each couple. We also have a very nice partnership with a beach club here in Cancún and we do all our weddings there. We also have partnerships with hotels, if the couple's idea is still to get married in hotels.

Which companies offer this advice to Brazilians?

Agency takes care of all travel and party arrangements. How much does it cost to get married in Cancun? Photo: Publicity/Casar in Cancún

we give get married in Cancun We offer this advice and we have a specialized and highly qualified team to make the dream of each couple come true. We are tourism professionals and passionate about performing weddings, in addition, we also have a strong partnership with the largest receptive agency in Cancun for Brazilians, the Tio Nene Tours.

When is the best time to get married in Cancun?

How much does it cost to get married in Cancun? Photo: Publicity/Marriage in Cancún

Cancún is a bit unpredictable, there is no best time exact. Here the months of december to january are times that are very windy, especially in the morning (our ceremonies are mostly in the morning because the color of the photos are much more beautiful and there are almost no people on the beach), but throughout the year it is very quiet.

In june to september are the hottest months, so the ideal is also to do the ceremony in the morning, because doing the ceremonies in the afternoon can be a little uncomfortable due to the heat, for example. October it's reputed to be a rainy month, but we did about 15 events in this period last year and it didn't rain even once. Another advantage of the morning wedding is that it rarely rains in the morning in Cancún – and when it does rain, it is usually in the late afternoon and early morning.

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