The service is already very common in other countries, know how it will work here in Brazil

THE self-dispatch of luggage is a service created to make life easier for passengers, and is already present in several parts of the world. Now, as announced by Infraero, it is the turn of Brazilian airports to offer this option, to be implemented in the first quarter of this year in 7 terminals managed by the company. Find out more below.

What is self-checked baggage

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As the name suggests, the self-dispatch of luggage nothing more than one service that allows the passenger himself to take care that their bags are placed inside the plane, in the appropriate compartment.

As stated by Infraero, in addition to streamlining the boarding process and each person's time, the adoption of this type of baggage drop-off it also aims to optimize the infrastructure of each terminal that has it, and, of course, the work of the attendants.

The first of the Brazilian airports to receive the service was Recife Airport, followed by Congonhas, Santos Dumont, Curitiba, Belém, Goiânia and Maceió.

Another novelty announced is shared check-in: with it, it will not be necessary to go to the airline counter, since the self-service equipment will bring together the platforms of all companies, preventing you from having to wait in long lines to be able to board .

The rules of each company must still be respected

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It is necessary to keep in mind, however, that each airline has its rules, and this must also be respected with the self-checking of luggage.

The weight allowed per checked bag, for example, changes according to the type of trip (domestic or international), as well as the fare paid for that check, if it is not included in the ticket price, so pay attention when register your luggage, avoiding problems.

Other useful tips in traditional dispatch also apply to this change, such as:

Do not leave valuables in the suitcase

Documents, jewelry and other valuables must travel with you in your carry-on bag. So, if your luggage is stolen, which can happen, the loss will be less.

Baggage identification

With or without self-checking bags, tag your bags with your details (name, contact telephone number, etc.). This measure will be very useful in case of loss or misplacement.

Baggage Protection

In addition to the identification tag, also provide a good lock for your luggage, preferably a TSA (Transport Security Administration), or laminate your bags. This service is also offered at airports and is done quickly.

How is checked baggage at airports that do not have self-checking done?

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Are you traveling through an airport that does not have self-checked baggage?

No problem, the dispatch procedure is simple, but it can be time consuming due to the number of passengers, so it is always recommended to arrive a few hours in advance to take care of these details.

There's no secret: just go to your airline's counter, where your bag will be measured, weighed and tagged. If you need to pay for dispatch (not all companies offer the service included in the ticket price), payment can also be made at the counter. After that, just wait for the departure time.

But remember: always have your check card with you, even if you use self-check baggage, as it can be useful in case of problems.

Finally, it's always good to know what can and cannot be checked, again to avoid problems with the airline and even being denied boarding. Some substances, for example, cannot even enter checked baggage.

To learn about all these items, visit the baggage question and answer session on ANAC website, where you can clear all your doubts.

Furthermore, if you are at an airport with self-dispatch of luggage, use the service without fear.

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