We decided to take the stress out of brides looking for a national destination to visit during their Honeymoon and we made a selection of some of the coolest places in Brazil for trips as a couple. want to make a romantic trip for Tupiniquin lands? Brazil is so extensive and has so many natural beauties that you don't have to go to another country, here you can also discover charming places and beautiful landscapes.

Check out this list of perfect destinations for a trip for two in the 5 regions of the country:

Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul

honeymoon in Brazil

Photo: Larissa Fraga /Wikimedia Commons

The most sought after and cozy destination in Rio Grande do Sul is one of the most chosen by couples looking for a romantic place that meets all the needs of a perfect honeymoon. In addition to beautiful landscapes that refer to somewhere in Europe, the destination has numerous renowned restaurants, renowned wineries, excellent hotels and many options of tourist attractions that guarantee a trip without trouble.

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Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco

honeymoon in Brazil

Photo: Gabriela goldwasser / Wikimedia Commons

The most coveted destination in Brazil is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the days after the ceremony. The paradise island has numerous beaches that are on the list of the most sought after in the world and a huge marine fauna that can be observed without difficulty in the entire region of the archipelago.

Charming inns are the type of accommodation most sought after by couples looking for Noronha as a destination, the charm of the buildings that interact with the environment pleases any profile of traveler.

Governor Celso Ramos – Santa Catarina

Photo: Felipe Cancian / Wikimedia Commons

The Santa Catarina municipality of Governador Celso Ramos occupies a beautiful peninsula that comprises more than 40 beaches. Bathers share the clear waters of the coast with water sports practitioners who seek the region to practice activities such as surfing, diving and jet skiing.

Maragogi – Alagoas

Photo: Legacy600 / Wikimedia Commons

The most beautiful region on the north coast of Alagoas is among the favorites of couples looking for a Northeastern destination to visit on their honeymoon. Maragogi is known for the gigantic wall of coral that stretches along the entire coast forming natural pools during the low tide period.

The options of all-inclusive resorts in the region offer a complete structure for leisure, gastronomy, in addition to great rooms with sea views and are the most chosen by couples.

Trancoso – Bahia

Photo: nathsegato / Pixels

The old fishing village has beautiful beaches and an atmosphere of unparalleled tranquility, despite all the simplicity Trancoso has contact with charming inns and a charming center that houses shops, bars and restaurants.

Alter do Chão – Pará

Photo: idobi / Wikimedia Commons

The more adventurous couples will love Alter do Chão, the region also known as the Amazonian Caribbean is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest near Santarém. The small fishing village gained fame for its beaches that appear during the months when the rivers are low, an ideal setting to enjoy the beauties of the region and enjoy your partner in the midst of one of the most exotic landscapes in Brazil.

Bonito – Mato Grosso do Sul

Photo: Moisés Aguiar 1989 / Wikimedia Commons

The destination is known as the Brazilian capital of ecotourism and is rich in natural beauties with crystal clear rivers, carved caves, caves with lakes, beautiful waterfalls and various entertainment options with the environment.

Porto de Galinhas – Pernambuco

Photo: Valmir passion / Wikimedia Commons

The village is a few kilometers from the capital of Pernambuco and has quiet beaches, surrounded by immense coconut trees and natural pools that form amidst the corals present near the sand of the main beach.

Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Kelly Crystina Almeida Soares / Wikimedia Commons

The 365 islands scattered in the clear waters that make up the coast of Angra dos Reis are the main attraction of the most popular city on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. Countless deserted beaches can be seen through boats and speedboats that offer tours for groups of tourists or private rentals for couples.

Jericoacoara – Ceará

Photo: idobi / Wikimedia Commons

Jericoacoara has all the features to make a honeymoon trip unforgettable. The small fishing village is in the middle of a region made up of huge dunes with fine white sand, which refer to the destination as a wonderful oasis.

The coastline in this corner of the state of Ceará was also generous, all the beaches in this remote territory have calm, warm and transparent waters. At night, the numerous bars and restaurants with live music invite tourists to participate in the lively nightlife that the village offers.

Buzios – Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Masajualves /Wikimedia Commons

The city is located in the Lagos Region, on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro, Búzios has an extension of eight kilometers, which have 23 beaches, among the main ones are Geribá, João Fernandes, Azeda, Ferradura, Armação, Brava.

Couples can enjoy the day on a delicious boat trip that allows them to visit several beaches and even practice diving.

Tamandaré – Pernambuco

Photo: Luiz Lins / Wikimedia Commons

Icon of couples in love who pass through the region, the friendly Capela de São Benedito built on the seafront of Praia dos Carneiros is the main postcard of the municipality located in the extreme south of the state. The peace and tranquility of the city invite tourists to take long walks along the beaches of Tamandaré and a dip in the warm waters.

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