Entrepreneurs create actions to help public hospitals in Manaus with the purchase of supplies and respirators during the pandemic 

With the advancement of coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, several cities across the country are being severely affected. Faced with this sad scenario, some Brazilian businessmen found ideas to try to alleviate the situation of places with higher vulnerability rates. 

This is the case of the women-only sales platform lady's mall, which created a solidarity action to assist in the purchase of supplies for public hospitals in ten Brazilian cities, starting with Manaus. The capital of Amazonas currently accumulates a large number of cases, in addition to an occupancy above 90% in intensive care units, on the verge of a collapse in the health system.

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"We couldn't stand idly by in the face of the scenario we are living. Manaus will be the first to receive the aid. It is a city that is going through a very critical moment”, explained Lu Braga, CEO of the platform. 

Solidarity solution in Manaus

To try to mitigate the impacts of this scenario on the lives of several Brazilians, the company created the action "Women Together Against Covid-19”. Through a solidarity registration, people and companies will be able to make a cash contribution that will be fully reversed for the purchase of respirators, supplies and tests for public hospitals. In addition to this action, we also publish other ways to help Manaus.

To help generate income in these places during the pandemic, more than 100,000 online stores on the platform will be aimed at women who want to undertake. For a period of one year they will not need to pay any type of commission to use the online sales channel. "Today, each store costs R$ 399.00 per year for the R$ platform. We give up profit to encourage entrepreneurship at this time”, said the businesswoman. 

Those interested in making donations must access the campaign website and choose between donating a solidarity registration or any amount you want. In addition to Manaus, the other nine Brazilian locations benefiting from respirators will be Belém, São Luís, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Foz do Iguaçu and Porto Velho. 

Manaus on the brink of collapse

The situation in Manaus remains increasingly worrying, as the city suffers from a lack of ICUs in public hospitals, offering the second lowest rate of beds among the ten Brazilian capitals with the most confirmed cases. With 90% occupancy in intensive care units, the state health network has already reached its maximum capacity. Tourism, immensely impacted, is also a major source of income among local entrepreneurs.

Indigenous peoples living in the state are also at great risk. Thinking about that, The Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado brought together artists and intellectuals from all over the world to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the native peoples of Brazil. So far, the number of infected people in Manaus exceeds 8,000 people and has already reached indigenous communities.

campaign to help manaus hospitals

Photo: Alexinaldo Granela Borja / Wikimedia

Actions that can save lives 

To start the project, Lu Braga entered into contact the Public Ministry of each contemplated state to understand their needs. In the case of Amazonas, the responsible agency informed the list of needs of Hospitals and Health Units. 

The campaign will be on air until May 25th and the goal is to reach 80 thousand solidarity registrations. For Manaus, the company's challenge is to deliver 200 artificial respirators that could save the lives of patients in critical condition, contaminated by the new coronavirus. 

In addition to lady's mall, other Brazilian companies are also creating actions that can help the cities most affected by the pandemic in Brazil and, in this way, try to minimize the impacts of the disease on the poorest, who end up becoming the most affected at this time. 

Female entrepreneurship will also benefit

In addition to helping hospitals and, consequently, infected people, the project also encourages female entrepreneurship, providing greater social and economic inclusion for women in times of crisis.

“We all need to be online. With physical trade closed, there is no other way to generate income during the pandemic. We understand that those who live in the Amazon need to be online and sell their produced products. We need to make room for the dentist and so many other professionals who sell services”, explained the businesswoman. 

With the platform, these women entrepreneurs will be able to connect with customers, increasing the chances of revenue. “The platform will be a great virtual showcase of opportunities”, he concluded.

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