Destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world, the Turkey has also received many visitors from Brazil, so much so that, nowadays, it is easy to find in cities like Istanbul, many guides specialized in Brazilians, who even speak a little Portuguese.

THE visa is one of the necessary precautions before taking a trip to an international destination. But for the joy and calm of many travelers, some countries around the globe do not require visa for Brazilian tourists, as is the case of Turkey.

The Agreement between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Republic of Turkey about Exemption from Visa For Ordinary Passport Holders was signed on August 20, 2001, came into force on July 14, 2004, allowing the entry of any Brazilian with a passport valid on Turkey without the need for a visa for a period of 90 days, whether for tourism or business.

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The stay of Brazilians in the country as tourists can be extended to a maximum of 180 days. Requests for stay must be forwarded to the local police. After this period, the Brazilian citizen must leave the Turkey, being able to return as a tourist only after 180 days. For longer periods, the country requires a visa temporary residence permits that can be applied for on the Turkish government website.

Attention: the exemption from the visa it's just for tourists. If you go to Turkey to study (period equal to or greater than 6 months) or to live, the visa is required. It is also worth remembering that documents such as Identity Card, Driver's License and specific versions such as OAB, CREA, among others, are not accepted for boarding.

When in the country, get to know the agency guide in turkey offers exclusive tours through Turkish destinations, with guides who speak Portuguese and know every special corner of the country. The agency also does all the advice before and during the trip, facilitating the service with personalized tours according to your profile.

Istanbul. Photo: Pedro Szekely

Pamukkale natural pools. Photo: Dušan Šteharnik

cappadocia. Photo: via Flcikr – dufrein

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