Ireland Student Visa: Find out what types of visas are available to study in Dublin, Galway, Cork and other cities in Ireland  

The Emerald Island attracts thousands of Brazilians who are looking for an experience of studying and working abroad. If you are one of them, ask all your questions about the length of stay, expenses and types of visas in Ireland.

Ireland is one of the most chosen destinations in Europe for those who want to study English. Unlike the United States, which requires advance visas and demotivating bureaucracy, the Irish government requires much friendlier requirements to grant student visas to Brazilians, in addition, depending on the period of stay of the student, it is possible to obtain permission to work and study during stay on Irish soil, even without European citizenship.

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Below we detail more about the types of visas to study in Ireland, see which type best fits your profile and plan your exchange program in Europe.

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How does the student visa in Ireland work?

Many people want the chance to embark on an exchange, whether it is to change their lives, spend time abroad, improve their professional life or perfect a new language. In these types of trips, the exchange student experiences a new culture and can improve another language by living in practice the routine of the chosen destination. Among the most sought after languages, English has definitely become the first option, especially for people who want to improve their professional careers.

And the good news is that it is getting easier and easier to achieve such a reality. Some countries have laws that make it easier for foreigners to stay, as is the case in Ireland, even if these students do not have European citizenship. Even Ireland has excellent English schools specialized in receiving tourists from all over the world, including Brazilians, such as The English Studio, with headquarters in London and a unit in Dublin.

The facilities used by the Irish government have certainly opened the door for many Brazilians who want to spend time in the country. These friendlier laws attract students from all over the world, forming extremely cosmopolitan cities like Dublin. 

Brazilians need authorization for Ireland

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Are you going to study in an Irish city? Ireland does not require an advance visa from Brazilians, you will do the entire process when you arrive in the country and if your stay is for up to 90 days, it is possible to stay on Irish soil only with a tourist visa, collected at the airport.

In this way, for those who chose exchange programs with more than 90 days, such as those offered by World Study, be aware that there are different types of student visas. Below we detail the difference between them:

Stamp 1 – Work permit in Ireland

This work permit in Ireland is only granted to companies that offer a work contract with up to 40 hours of work per week. The foreigner who has the letter confirming the hiring may apply for a visa with permanence of work during the established period.

Stamp 2 – Student visa and part-time work

This visa can only be applied for by students who stay in the country for 8 months or more. In this case, the exchange student needs to schedule his IRP – Irish Residence Permit.

Find more information about this type of visa in exchange programs with the possibility of work and study in Ireland, where you can consult experts and clear all your doubts.

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Stamp 2A – Student visa without work permit in Ireland

THE Stamp 2A It is one of Ireland's student visas. Complementary to the previous one, this visa is indicated for those who study for up to 6 months, without the need for a visa to work in the country. This option is more suitable for those who do not want to work 20 hours a week. In this way, it guarantees a longer stay than a tourist visa and is recommended for anyone staying longer than three months.

Stamp 3 – Stay without work permit

the residence visa Stamp 3 is in the process of adapting and is suitable for foreigners who are not part of the European Union, but who want to stay in Ireland.

If you are the spouse or dependents of a citizen who has a permit to work and stay in Ireland or even for retirees who are able to maintain themselves in the country without work or members of any religious order who are active in Ireland.

Stamp 4 – Residence permit in Ireland

THE Stamp 4 is the visa that allows stays for a specific period within Ireland, which can be months or years. That is, it is aimed at foreigners who are related to European citizens, refugees, spouses of Irish people, father or mother of a child born in Ireland or professionals who work in areas of great need for the country. See more about visa types on the page exchange tips in ireland.

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