Research data reveals the preferences of Brazilians when it comes to travel.

Kayak, a search engine for the most used airline tickets in the world, carried out an international survey – Travel Survey – in order to understand the main habits of tourists and travelers around the world. In the last edition, around 23,400 people were interviewed. 1,600, aged between 18 and 65 in the period from January 3 to 10, 2019, were Brazilian respondents who revealed the data below:

Brazilians prefer to invest in travel

Of the 1,600 Brazilians who responded to the 37% survey, they stated that travel is a priority in spending. It is the second year in a row that this category has led the ranking of the survey, however, from the previous year to this the number dropped by 43%. Eduardo Fleury, Kayak Operations Leader in Brazil explains why: “Factors such as the high dollar, exchange rate instability and political uncertainties have impacted our financial priorities, but travel is still in the DNA of Brazilians”.

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Beaches lead 2019 holiday searches

67% was the number of Brazilians who responded to beaches as the main holiday destination. Summer house (32%), urban tours (30%) and roadtrips (30%) were the second, third and fourth places.

When traveling, Brazilians look for good cuisine

When asked about their travel expenses, without considering tickets and accommodation, respondents (43%) responded that they prioritized restaurants and cafes, while sightseeing and shopping tied for second (42%). And 78% of Brazilians say they choose the place to travel based on their gastronomic pretensions and of these 66% said they are willing to spend more on these items than on their own home.

Most of the restaurant recommendations come from websites (41%) and from tips from family and friends who have made the trip previously. Among the restaurants, the preference is for local food, and Japanese cuisine in second place.

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In terms of accommodation, the preference is for hotels

The overwhelming majority of respondents prefer to stay in hotels during their travels, with only 17% looking for other types of accommodation and another 6% not voting. The average amounts spent by most are between 151 to 300 reais, while 24% seek to spend less than 150 reais. Among the requirements is WiFi and breakfast included.

The main obstacle to planning the trip is finding cheap tickets

For the 32% of Brazilians participating in the survey, the trip planning process can be stressful. Finding cheap tickets is the most complicated task chosen by 43% of the first percentage. For Fleury, “This data reinforces the importance of metasearch engines, which gather all available ticket options so that travelers can make the best choice”

Passion only if it's for the trip

Among those interviewed, those who said they had already fallen in love on a trip had a low number of 32%, against 65% who said they had not had this experience during their travels. The most favorable scenario seems to be the beach. Of those who fell in love, 31% chose the beach as the ideal setting, while others chose tours (20%), travel groups (19%) and hotels (19%). And according to the survey, men seem to fall more in love with travel, totaling 37%, while women only 27%.

Almost half of Brazilians claim to have traveled alone

As we pointed out in a previous text Brazilians travel more and more alone, presenting it to be a very plausible and safe possibility. The survey confirms this, showing that almost half of Brazilians have traveled alone (49%). Only 26% did not go through this experience, while 24% showed no interest in doing so. Travelers between 18 and 22 years old are the most interested, and the destinations are the beach (45%), urban cities (27%) and backpacking (19%). Spending time with yourself is the main motivator for the highest percentage.

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