Persevere Castle is a piece of England in Brazil. Did you want to know? So, know everything you can find in the British castle of Santa Catarina

Imagine an imposing castle, covered by stones, in the middle of a beautiful garden, in front of a lake. 

It looks like an English movie set, doesn't it?

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What if I told you that this place actually exists, and it's here, right next to us, would you believe it?

Can believe! This piece of England in Brazil stay in Cocal do Sul, inside of Santa Catarina

I'm talking about a little-known but surprising tourist attraction: the persevere castle.

Conceived by a group of Englishmen, the site began to be planned in 1998 and, in 2006, it was completed. In this journey, the creators were inspired by films, research and several trips to England. From there, they brought several objects that today make up the decoration.

Since then, the place has been unknown in tourist itineraries and has been used for events and photo shoots. But, recently, it began to attract attention on social networks and, now, it is an unmissable attraction in the interior of Santa Catarina.

THE Cocal do Sul castle It is beautiful and impresses by the wealth of details and environments that recreate important English scenarios. 

Did you want to know? So, know everything you can find in the St Catherine's British Castle.

Charms of the British castle in the countryside of Santa Catarina

Photo: Guilherme Sachi/disclosure

THE persevere castle it is a piece of England in Brazil, in every detail, objects and, of course, in the beautiful architecture in the Victorian style.

The look is immediately impressive. The imposing British castle appears among the green of the property in Cocal do Sul. 

The building, with stone-covered walls and six towers, is reminiscent of French-Scottish castles. It was inspired by Glamis Castle in Angus, Scotland.

Inside, four floors and 20 rooms reveal very typical scenes from England, with a wealth of objects and photographs about people and important historical events. 

Every corner is a place to explore. 

The crockery, the famous red cabin, the paintings and the adornments, are many of the charms of the British castle in the countryside of Santa Catarina.

To complete the look, a beautiful lake is right in front of the building and an old wooden house joins the landscape to make you feel in England in the Middle Ages.  

Did you want to know?

The place is very popular for photo shoots and gastronomic events. However, it is also possible to take a guided tour and get to know each scenario of this incredible place.

Everything you can see in the castle of Cocal do Sul

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

when strolling through persevere castle the order is to pay attention to every detail, from the entrance, which has a beautiful collection of crockery from the English crown, to the terrace, which works as a viewpoint to contemplate the surrounding landscape. 

Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales room, on the first floor, is the most modern of the entire collection of the British castle in Santa Catarina. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English pub, with armchairs, pool table, fireplace and the characteristic red telephone booth. In addition, there are several paintings of the band The Beatles.   

Winston Churchill

This second-floor room is dedicated to honor Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, who led England to victory in World War II. 

The site also honors Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington, historic figures in English culture. There are several objects that remember the war and the time of navigations.

Elizabeth Hall

As its name reveals, the Elizabeth Hall room tells the story and trajectory of monarchs Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. She is on the second floor.

State Room

Located in the lower hall, the State Room houses the cellar of Castle Persevere. The place has objects referring to the church, a theater, a bar and a place for large dinners.

Visits to the castle can be made in groups of four to six people. However, they must be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance, through the british castle instagram page

What to do in St Catherine's British Castle

Santa Catarina

Photo: Disclosure

In addition to being a great walk for contemplation, there is more to do in St Catherine's British Castle

The Persevere Castle is a great choice for those who enjoy gastronomic tourism.

Every Sunday the place serves brunch – a traditional English meal that is a kind of breakfast with lunch.

Brunch takes place from 12pm to 2pm and only locally produced food is served.

The tables are for up to four people, who can serve themselves in English dishes, in a lunch with all the refinement of the best served in England.  

The British castle can also be booked for events. The place holds up to 200 people.

How to get to Persevere Castle 

british castle

Photo: Disclosure

The British castle in the interior of Santa Catarina is located in the city of Cocal do Sul, 189 km from Florianopolis. It is part of the Encantos do Sul Tourist Route.

Access by car is via BR-101. 

By bus, the nearest bus station is Criciúma, which is 10 km away from Cocal do Sul. From there, buses depart and arrive Foz do Iguaçu, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Chapeco, Florianopolis, Camboriú Bathhouse and Sao Paulo.

If you go to the British castle in the interior of Santa Catarina, the nearest airport is Jaguaruna, 40 km away. Florianópolis airport is about 200 km from Cocal do Sul. 

Things to do in Cocal do Sul

cocal do sul santa catarina british castle

Photo: Disclosure

it is not for less that Cocal do Sul part of the Encantos do Sul tourist route.

The city is very charming and welcoming and, in addition to Persevere Castle, it has other great attractions for those who pass through the region.

If you enjoy a historical-cultural tour, it is worth visiting the Palazzo Búrigo, the Casarão Egídio Fontanella, the Casarão Galatto and the Centenary Monument of Cocal do Sul.

The city still has several chapels: Capela Linha Batista, Capela Linha Cabral, Capela Mina Fluorita, Capela Rio Comprudente, Capela Rio Galo, Capela Rio Perso and Capela Sagrado Coração de Jesus.

Therefore, when visiting St Catherine's British Castle, be sure to know more about city of cocal do sul.

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