Discover the best attractions to visit in Budapest, capital of Hungary

THE Hungary it has always been one of the largest and most important kingdoms in the Eastern European region, having had special importance during the High Middle Ages. Your capital, Budapest, is one of the gems of the region. Being cut by history river Danube, each bank of the river has a part of the city's name, on the right is Buda and on the left is Pest.

Its centuries-old streets hide magnificent buildings such as the Budapest Parliament, where the nobles and later, the population in general, debated the country's main decisions, as when the nation joined Austria to officially form the Austrian Double Monarchy. Hungarian. Nearby, another place worth visiting in Budapest is the Buda Castle. Built in the 13th century, it was home to several kings of the country, until the dissolution of the monarchy in 1918, with the end of the First World War. Today, it houses an important historical and artistic collection of the nation.

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If you are looking for a 3 days Budapest itinerary, know that St. Stephen's Basilica cannot be left out. It was completed at the beginning of the 20th century, having a beautiful collection of religious art inside and offering a beautiful view from its towers. Another interesting point to visit in Budapest is the Praça dos Heróis, located in the historic center. It is surrounded by important buildings that deserve your attention, such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Hungary, as well as castles, museums and one of the most important parks, with a zoo, lakes and other attractions.

At Széchenyi hot springs It is also an important point to see in Budapest. Its thermal waters have medicinal properties and have been sought after since the Middle Ages. It is surrounded by a beautiful green area and the structure of the Spa has a stunning neo-baroque style, giving the region a charming bucolic air.

Finally, be sure to explore areas of central Budapest, where different architectural styles, sculpted over the centuries, blend together to form one of Europe's most enchanting cities. Gardens, museums, cafes and restaurants share space with churches and imposing castles.

What to do in Budapest

Budapest tourist tips

Budapest tourism tips. Photo: Alex Proimos / Wikimedia Commons

budapest parliament

This important historic building is home to much of Hungary's social and political history, having been the focus of resistance during the Ottoman occupation and rebellions with the Austrian annexation. Its construction follows a late Gothic style and has a beautiful view of the Danube. Inside, among the rich collection, it is possible to appreciate the Saint Stephen's Crown, symbol of Hungary's monarchical and imperial power for centuries.

Buda Castle

Home to the royal families that ruled the Hungary, this secular construction is also one of the most important places to see in Budapest. Its halls and corridors keep an important collection of paintings, furniture, historical documents and other objects that help to recount the history and diverse culture of this civilization. The guided tour is recommended.

St. Stephen's Basilica

The most important church in the city, with stunning architecture that holds one of the largest collections of religious art inside. The view from its towers is also one of the highlights of the attraction, which is surrounded by good restaurants and several shops. Inside, you can't help but notice the church's dome, one of the most appreciated places, and the magnificent stained glass windows that adorn the windows.

Heroes' Square

Exploring the central area on foot, you can't miss the magnificent Praça dos Heroes. Paying homage to the 7 Magyar chiefs, who would have arrived in 895 AD on the plains of the region and would have founded the kingdom of Hungary, this place is surrounded by the most important museums in the capital, such as the Fine Arts Museum, as well as parks, zoo, restaurants and others. attractions that deserve a full day of your itinerary.

Széchenyi hot springs

Famous for centuries for its healing properties, Széchenyi Baths is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Budapest. It is possible to bathe in the waters, in one of the several pools that make up the complex. In addition, the beautiful green area surrounding the spa is an invitation to reflect and relax.

Boat trip on the Danube

Don't miss the river that is extolled in waltzes and songs throughout Europe. This important artery for the commerce and development of the eastern europe is even more beautiful with the boat trips, which offer a new view of Budapest. Several companies offer the itinerary, some include dinner on board.

Budapest Opera House

With its beautiful Renaissance architecture, this opera house conceived in the late 19th century was a gift from the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph in his effort to modernize the capitals of his Empire. The guided tour is recommended, as are the dozens of monthly shows that take place in the space, check the schedule.

Other places to visit in Budapest

  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Great Market Hall
  • Andrássy Avenue
  • Chocolate Museum

How to get to Budapest

Budapest tourist tips

Budapest tourism tips. Photo: AndreyKrav / iStockphoto

By airplane

THE best way to get to budapest it is through Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD), which connects the city to several world capitals.

By train

Budapest is also served by an important rail network, with the Central Station connecting to cities such as Vienna, Athens and Berlin. Budapest is also close to Prague and other capitals of east-central Europe.

Best time to visit Budapest

Budapest tourism tips. Photo: VitalyEdush / iStockphoto

With mild temperatures at different times of the year, the best time to visit Budapest and its beauties are between April and October, when the chance of getting more pleasant temperatures is greater. Remembering that the city's summer is between the months of June and August.

Where to stay in Budapest

Budapest tourist tips

Budapest tourism tips. Photo: Noppasin Wongchum / iStockphoto

The central region is the best area of the city to stay. This neighborhood encompasses district I (Budavár) on the Buda side and districts V (Belváros-Lipótváros), VI (Terézváros) and VII (Erzébetváros), in addition to part of districts VIII (Jószefváros) and IX (Ferencváros), all on the plague side.

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Another option is the Belváros neighborhood, which concentrates great restaurants, exchange offices and hotels.

Who, in turn, seeks to travel with more luxury, a good choice is the Corinthia Hotel Budapest.

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