Looking for a cultural tour in São Paulo that is unlike any other? Experience the Odsal Ling Temple, an example of Tibetan architecture in São Paulo

Very close to São Paulo, in Cotia, there is an amazing place that can be visited for free: the Odsal Ling Temple. It is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital of São Paulo and enjoy moments of tranquility.

This is because, in addition to being in a rural area, surrounded by greenery, this Buddhist temple in São Paulo is a refuge from the Tibetan Buddhism, which preaches good living and compassion. In other words, it is a place of peace.

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In this way, a visit to Odsal Ling is also an alternative for a cultural tour in São Paulo. There you can learn more about the customs and beliefs of Tibetan monks, as well as discover their productions in the souvenir shop. 

Take the opportunity to experience a meal together with the monks. Lunch, charged separately, is always offered on Sundays, with Brazilian, vegetarian and vegan options. 

Visits, in turn, can be made on weekends and holidays, from 10 am to 4 pm. Just arrive and a guide will welcome you for a tour of the Odsal Ling Temple. 

Curious to know everything you can find in this Buddhist temple in São Paulo? Check out our tips on the place and get ready to live an unparalleled experience.

The charms of the Buddhist temple in São Paulo

Odsal Ling Temple

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In addition to being a beautiful place, the Odsal Ling Temple holds many surprises and charms for those who visit it.

Tibetan architecture is impressive, full of details and vibrant colors. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility is breathtaking.

But what stands out the most is the friendliness of the locals. Be sure to be received with joy and cordiality. 

Our tip is: spend some time observing the way of life of Buddhist monks. Certainly, a visit to the Buddhist temple in São Paulo will provide you with a unique experience. 

If you want to delve into the practices of Tibetan Buddhism during your visit, meditation practices take place on Sundays. In addition, in Odsal Ling official website there is a lot of material on Buddhist teachings, as well as guidance for those who want to get started in the religion.

It is also possible to make an offering – with payment of a small fee. The main one is the Lamparine Offering. According to the Tibetan Buddhist teaching, "Just as light dispels darkness, so the lamp represents the removal of ignorance so that you and all beings can gain the wisdom of the enlightened mind."

Example of Tibetan architecture

Odsal Ling Temple

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The beauty of the Odsal Ling Temple is one of its main attractions. The vibrant red of its walls impresses anyone who arrives at the place. The green area that surrounds Odsal Ling completes the look and allows you to enjoy hours of peace and contemplation of nature.

But that's not all, the richness of decoration details conquers the eyes and reveals many meanings. Everything there was handcrafted by monks from Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. It took four years of construction until the Odsal Ling Temple opened in 2008.

Definitely, Odsal Ling is a beautiful example of Tibetan architecture in São Paulo. Inspired by the Nyingma Buddhist school, the building is part of an international network of Buddhist centers, originating from Chagdud Gonpa in Tibet, founded in the 15th century.  

The vibrant colors represent the five elements of the material world – water, fire, earth, wood and metal – and each painting carries meaning based on Buddhist teachings.

Inside, there are many statues of Tibetan Buddhist deities, as well as a large golden Buddha. In the garden, another statue of the reclining Buddha shows that, despite being superior, we are transient beings. 

Cultural tour tip in São Paulo

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For all these reasons, a visit to a Buddhist temple in São Paulo goes far beyond a religious tour. The place has many attractions that can conquer everyone. 

Getting to know the Odsal Ling Temple is a great tip for a cultural tour in São Paulo. 

The founder of the Buddhist temple in São Paulo, Lama Chagdu Tulku Rinpoche, brought Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism to Brazil, with the construction of the first temple of this type in Três Coroas, Rio Grande do Sul, the Chagdu Gonpa Khadro Ling Temple

At Odsal Ling, a guide accompanies visitors and shows them all the details and meanings of the temple's architecture and decoration. During the guided tour, you learn a lot about Tibetan culture and the way of life of Buddhist monks.

Afterwards, visitors can check out all the facilities with tranquility and enjoy the day in the gardens of the property, which has 15 thousand square meters. 

How to get to Odsal Ling Temple and where to stay

Temple Odsal Ling Sao Paulo

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The Odsal Ling Temple is located at Rua dos Agrimensores, 1461, in Cotia, about 30 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo. To get there by private car, take the Rodovia Raposo Tavares to the city and access the temple road.

If you go by bus, the way is a little more complicated, as there are no lines that get off near the temple. It is necessary to head towards Cotia or Embu das Artes and get off at km 24 of Rodovia Raposo Tavares to then call a taxi or Uber to take you to Odsal Ling. 

Accommodation at the Odsal Ling Temple is allowed for those who participate in Buddhist retreats and practices. If your intention is just to visit, there are accommodation options in the vicinity.


Due to the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Buddhist temple in São Paulo is temporarily closed for visitation. The measure was taken to ensure the safety of both local residents and visitors.

Therefore, if you want to know him, first consult the Odsal Ling website and check if it is already open to visitors.

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