Tourism tips in Brotas: discover the main tourist attractions to know and visit in adventure capital paulista

With many mountains, rivers, waterfalls and rich vegetation, sprouts It is the ideal place for those who are addicted to adrenaline and nature. The best part is that the city is very close to Sao Paulo, approximately 250 kilometers from the capital, and attracts many visitors every weekend.  

But it was not always so. In the past, around the 1920s, sprouts it had a great period of expansion thanks to coffee production and lived in function of this activity until a crisis in the sector, which caused part of the population to migrate to large urban centers.  

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Today, the municipality still maintains a very significant agricultural production, especially in the sugarcane agroindustry. Due to its many preserved natural resources, such as waterfalls, forests and mountains, tourism plays a fundamental role in the development of the city.

Known as “the adventure capital of São Paulo”, sprouts has as its main attraction the rafting, a sport that attracts adventurers willing to slide in the rapids of the agitated River Alligator Pepira aboard an inflatable raft. Despite being the most sought after activity in the region, the city of São Paulo has much more to offer.

The visitor finds in the city a varied and tasty cuisine, a wide and prepared hotel chain, friendly and receptive residents, as well as perfect spaces for families and couples. If you want to spend a few days in the city, there will be no shortage of places to discover in sprouts.

Things to do in Brotas

Things to do in Brotas

Photo: Sofia Prado / Wikimedia Commons

Jacaré-Pepira River

The most famous star of Brotas, the Jacaré-Pepira River is responsible for forming several waterfalls in the region and for presenting an ideal formation for the practice of rafting, a sport that is the main tourist attraction of the city. The activity consists of the descent of inflatable boats over the rapids and waterfalls of the river, considered one of the best for the practice in Brazil. At Jacaré Pepira it is also possible to practice various activities and sports in the water, such as the buoy cross, a descent through the waters on top of an inflatable buoy.

Nook of the Waterfalls

The park is the largest in the city and is located in an area with the largest remaining native forest in the municipality. With an excellent infrastructure, the space has a day-use system, where it is possible to walk the trails, access beautiful waterfalls and enjoy the pool for a unique price per person.

Among the activities at Recanto das Cachoeiras are also trails aboard an ATV, tree climbing, zip-lining and horseback riding. The park has four waterfalls, the main ones being Santo Antônio, 20 meters high, and Roseira, with a drop of 55 meters. The trails are self-guided and easily accessible, even for people with reduced mobility. Recanto das Cachoeiras also has several viewpoints to enjoy the view of the region and a restaurant with fixed prices and typical food from the farm.

CEU - Center for the Study of the Universe

Do you like astronomy? The CEU Foundation (Center for Studies on the Universe) is a center for disseminating science and astronomy to visitors to Brotas. There, it is possible to observe the sky with telescopes where monitors teach how to identify planets and better understand the universe. With luck and if the weather is good, the experience is very interesting. Otherwise, there is also a digital planetarium that features projections of the sky.

Sprouts Bar

Brotas Bar is a great gastronomic tribute to the city. Built in a centenary mansion in the center of Brotas, it is the only themed restaurant in the region and has several environments dedicated to the city's adventure sports, especially rafting. On the ceilings, kayaks light up the atmosphere and a large table in the shape of a boat, ideal for gathering friends. Apart from the special decoration, the dishes are delicious and neat. Brotas Bar also values the service: the friendliness leaves an atmosphere, although modern and playful, very welcoming.

Three Falls Waterfall

The camping and hotel Cachoeira 3 Quedas brings together three waterfalls for visitation. They are the Nascente waterfall, the Andorinha waterfall and the most famous, the Figueira waterfall, with 47 meters high. All trails to access the falls are of moderate level. The structure of the place also offers several leisure activities such as zip lining, horseback riding, swimming pool, among others.

HZB brewery

The brewery is not exactly in Brotas, but in the city of São Pedro, which is on the way for those arriving from São Paulo towards the charming neighborhood of Patrimônio, main access to the waterfalls and natural walks. The HZB Brewery (Halb Zeit Bier) on Fridays, from 9pm, offers live music in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. On site, the fermentation of pure craft beers is prepared according to the traditional German school. The value of the beer is quite attractive, as well as its flavor, available in eight different labels.

Casarão Cellar

As its name implies, the winery is located in a beautiful mansion with more than one hundred and fifty years of history. There are rammed earth walls, imbuia flooring and peroba beams that take the tourist to the past in a rustic and impeccable environment. Divided into two environments, Adega Casarão presents regional products on the upper floor, handcrafted by people from the city. In the basement, the barrels of different wooden vats where the aging of the house's cachaça takes place are awaited.  

Astor waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, it is located on a private property and does not offer much structure. The place, however, compensates for the natural beauty and two falls with about 30 meters high. The waterfall has a natural swimming pool and access is via a trail of approximately 40 minutes.

Cassorova waterfall

The beautiful waterfall is located in the Cassorova Ecoparque, which also offers other attractions and activities, such as trails, tree climbing and zip lines with an excellent infrastructure. To reach the waterfall site it is necessary to walk along a self-guided trail of approximately 200 meters. The path is very easy and safe and in less than 5 minutes you reach the imposing 60-meter high fall, considered one of the city's postcards.

Rising Sand That Sings

Located inside the Areia Que Canta farm hotel is the gigantic spring of crystalline waters with a greenish tone that bears the same name. Composed of very white sand and tiny quartz grains, these elements produce a sound similar to that of a cuíca. The visit to the spring is free for the guests of the farm hotel, but visitors can also discover the beauties of the spring by purchasing a separate ticket. The tour also includes a visit to the Tamanduá River, famous for its small waterfalls and natural bathing basins.

Parque dos Saltos

Parque dos Saltos is quite accessible as it is very close to the center of Brotas. With free admission, it shows a beautiful landscape around the Rio Jacaré Pepira. There are several waterfalls in sequence with a very beautiful forest around. There is a bridge that leads to an old engine house where at the end of the 19th century there was a hydroelectric plant. The visit is worth it to discover more about the city's past.

Calhambeque Museum

The car exhibition is very informal and is located in the back of a property, but it is an opportunity to learn a little more about the city's past. The museum is made up of several Fordinhos and Calhambeques from the 20's and 30's. In the house there are also some old objects on display, such as weapons and accessories.

Caipira Museum

The Caipira Museum aims to rescue the memory of life in the countryside. Installed inside Casa da Cachaça, the space has a collection of objects rescued from old farms in the region. There are more than a hundred objects such as a pestle, toaster, sieve and other artifacts from the time when coffee was the protagonist of the story. The place is ideal to show the new generations some pieces that no longer exist and an opportunity to remember the simplicity and customs of simple rustic life.

Heritage Dam

Located in the charming neighborhood of Patrimônio, where the main waterfalls of the city are located, is the beautiful Represa do Patrimônio. With 14.5 hectares, it became a meeting point for the residents of Brotas, who usually perform various leisure activities such as fishing, boating, swimming and kayaking in its waters. Tourists staying in the region also end up enjoying and enjoying the pleasant climate of the place.

Other attractions to discover in Brotas

  • Hammer Waterfall
  • Itirapina Ecological Station
  • White Water Waterfall
  • Anand Atelier
  • Bela Vista Waterfall
  • Cachaça House
  • Figueira waterfall
  • Beer sprouts
  • Swallow Waterfall

How to get to Brotas

Things to do in Brotas

Photo: Patricia Ferrari

By car

Via Rodovia dos Bandeirantes (SP 348) go to kilometer 168 and take the access to Rodovia Washington Luís (SP 310).

Traveling on Rodovia Anhanguera (SP 330) just go up to kilometer 153 and take the access to Rodovia Washington Luís (SP 310) right after the toll.

For those coming on the Washington Luís Highway (SP 310) it is necessary to continue to kilometer 206 (exit 206-B), go through the viaduct and go around it over the track, accessing the Engenheiro Paulo Nilo Romano Highway (SP 225) towards Itirapina -Sprouts.

To get to the Patrimônio neighborhood, where the main natural attractions and waterfalls are, towards SP 225 – Itirapina/Brotas, turn left on a stretch that indicates Torinha/ Santa Maria da Serra. After about five kilometers, turn left towards Bairro do Patrimônio. There are signs indicating the dam and waterfalls. Follow this road for about 18 kilometers.

By bus

Brotas Bus Station is located on Avenida Dante Martinelli and receives buses from several cities daily. For those leaving the Barra Funda bus station, in São Paulo, the company responsible for the route is Expresso de Prata, which also passes through the cities of Campinas and Jundiaí. To find out more about timetables and prices, Click here.

Best time to visit Brotas

Tourism tips in Brotas

Tourism tips in Brotas. Photo: Publicity / Brotas Online

There is no ideal time to visit sprouts, since the heat in the city is constant and sunny days appear almost all year round. However, as it is a destination that offers many attractions along with nature such as waterfalls, trails and extreme sports, the best time to plan a trip to the city is during the summer. Despite being a rainy season, the period is ideal to enjoy outdoor activities and find the waterfalls even fuller for a refreshing dip.  

As it is a tourist route, the city receives visitors throughout the year, but the concentration increases on weekends and long holidays. Therefore, it is interesting to schedule hotel reservations in advance.

during the month of august sprouts offers a gastronomic festival, Brotas Gourmet, which attracts many tourists to the destination. Between April and May, the traditional Santa Cruz festival takes place, an event that brings together the entire population of the city, offering stalls with typical foods and musical attractions.

Where to stay in Brotas?

Tourism tips in Brotas

Tourism tips in Brotas. Photo: Publicity Sand that Sings

To stay close to attractions nnatural resources, a charming option for accommodation is the Pousada das Nascentes. The inn is located in the traditional and quiet neighborhood of Patrimônio, very close to the dam that bears the same name.

THE Pousada das Nascentes offers 18 very spacious themed suites equipped with hydromassage or chromotherapy hot tub, in addition to television, DVD and minibar. The space has a pleasant pool and garden area, ideal for sunbathing, cooling off and enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the region. There is also a massage room to relax and recharge and the breakfast is very complete, with varied fruits, breads and cakes.

The Farm Hotel sand that sings It's a great option too. The accommodation is installed in a wonderful green area with fruit trees and preserved species. Its wonderful structure has 2 outdoor pools, 1 heated pool, 1 natural pool, tennis court, activities on the lake, activities with monitoring, steam room, games room and toy library.

Booking offers more than 50 options for accommodation in BrotasSee all available hotels on here.

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