Are you going to travel to Buenos Aires? Get inspired by these 6 films shot in Buenos Aires

have a trip scheduled for Buenos Aires? To get into the unique atmosphere that the Buenos Aires city offers, with its colorful and charming neighborhoods, why not watch some movies that take place in the city?

Buenos Aires served as the setting for many feature films: from independent films to Hollywood productions. It is no secret that the city stands out for its beauty, often transported to the seventh art.

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Grab your popcorn and schedule a visit to the places immortalized by these 6 films shot in the Buenos Aires capital.

A coffee with Ricardo Darín

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before your trip to Buenos Aires To begin, watch the film Nine Queens, from the year 2000, starring one of the greatest actors of our time, Ricardo Darín. Along with the great Gastón Pauls, the actors give life to crooks who team up to complete a great heist.

Want a better guide than following the story of the two protagonists through different neighborhoods of the city, such as Puerto Madero, Montserrat and San Nicolás? In the neighborhood of Retiro, the duo has an encounter with the fabulous Art Deco building, the Kavanagh  – nothing less than the first skyscraper in South America.

It is also possible to visit the picturesque bar that Darín's character uses as his “office”, La Tasca de Fosforito, located at 1218 Rua Hipólito Yrigoyen. Go hungry, as the portions are generous.

An assassin who dances tango

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Of course, speaking of Buenos Aires, tango would also be present in the production of these films, right? Interestingly, in 2002's “Tango and the Assassin”, dance scenes are mixed with intense suspense. American actor and producer Robert Duvall became involved in the enveloping rhythm of Argentine dance.

By telling the story of a murderer who begins to learn to dance the tango, the film was filmed in different locations around the city. Some of the dance scenes were filmed at the milonga – a place where traditional tango is usually danced – called Sin Rumbo, in Villa Urquiza.

Madonna on the presidential balcony

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As much as you're not exactly a movie fan, you've certainly come across the scene where Madonna, on the presidential balcony of Pink House, plays the unforgettable and controversial Eva Perón. The recording only took place after much insistence with the then president of Argentina who, in 1996, finally gave in and allowed the scene to be recorded there.

From the top of the balcony, the singer moves to the sound of “Don't cry for me Argentina” in Alan Parker's film Evita, which is an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. Ah, detail: it is possible to visit the balcony immortalized by the film in a guided tour of Casa Rosada offered on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Football Stadium and an Oscar

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Critical success and Oscar winner for best foreign film, The Secret in Their Eyes, from 2009, is a true masterpiece. The film covers several places in the Buenos Aires capital, including the Retiro station and the Palace of Justice.

However, one of the most iconic scenes in the film takes place at the Huracán football club, at the Tomás Ducó Stadium. The classic stadium houses an Art Deco broadcasting tower, known as “El Palacio”, with a view that is sure to thrill football fans.

Filmmakers' favorite restaurant

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After so many places immortalized by films in Buenos Aires that can be visited, it's time to discover one of the filmmakers' favorite restaurants.

In particular, this place won over Oscar-winning Argentine director Juan José Campanella, who used it as a restaurant run by Ricardo Darín's character in the 2001 romantic comedy Son of the Bride.

But why is the restaurant so loved? With high ceilings, large tables and lots of charm, the Centro Montañes cuisine restaurant belongs to a club founded by Cantabrian immigrants in 1923. To this day, the place offers cultural and sports activities.

San Telmo movie tour 

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There is something cinematic in the neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca, some of the most traditional in the city. It was in them that Francis Ford Coppola, who directed classics like The Godfather, found the perfect location for his black-and-white drama Tetro. During filming, it is possible to observe real places, such as the Británico Bar and the traditional tenement, where Vincent Gallo's character lives.

Still in the same neighborhoods, Will Smith and Margot Robbie starred in the police comedy Golpe Duplo, from 2015. In this one, Puerto Madero is also the protagonist, presenting all its charm and sophistication.

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