Bulgarian parliamentarians and ministers decided to donate their salaries to the country's healthcare system

Faced with the sad panoramas caused by the new coronavirus, Bulgarian politicians have become a great example of goodwill and competence. That's because, after declaring a state of emergency across the country, Bulgarian parliamentarians and ministers decided to donate their salaries in full to the country's healthcare system.

The action was defined by parliamentarians, unanimously, after a proposal by the country's conservative party. The decision was supported by 170 deputies and took effect on April 1. In addition, the ruling also applies to members of the government and their political cabinets, as well as heads of government agencies. With this, the forecast is that the values will revert to more than 740 thousand euros until the end of the pandemic.

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Bulgaria situation during the pandemic

bulgaria politicians salary

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Bulgaria, compared to other countries in the world, was not a place widely affected by the new coronavirus pandemic. However, as it is the poorest country in the European Union, several attitudes were taken to avoid massive unemployment of the population.

The first case of the disease was recorded on March 8, 2020. Until the closing of this article, the country registered 2,069 confirmed cases in all Bulgarian provinces, with 96 deaths recorded and 499 patients recovered.

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