With location and date confirmed, the most insane festival in the world arrives in Brazil

“Festival” is perhaps not the most appropriate word to refer to the Burning Man, which has the United States as its homeland, but has been running the world in smaller versions for a few years now. In 2019 it's time for the Brazil receive and transmit all the unique energy of the event, which has been gaining more and more fans, or burners, as they are known.

After all, what is Burning Man?

Burning Man in Brazil

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If you believe the Burning Man whether it's a music festival, a mega ballad or something similar, you would certainly be surprised, a lot, to visit an edition and realize that it's nothing like that.

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Okay, music is also present, but alongside dozens of art installations, themed camps, yoga classes and whatever else the participants propose to do, in a solid concept of counter-culture. THE Burning Man do Brasil, called Tropical Burn, will also follow this line and is already being created and organized in a community, as it should be.

This first edition in Tupiniquin lands will be in Rio Grande do Norte, on a beach not yet disclosed, from June 19 to 25, and has already offered several free online meetings to guide volunteers and artists.

Its idealization was made by Brazilian burners who attended the official event. By the way, if one day you have the opportunity to go to the “original” Burning Man, you will surely find many of us there, including Brazilian-themed camps.

What to expect from the festival?

Burning Man in Brazil

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Anyone who has seen photos and videos of the official editions that take place in the Black Rock desert, in Nevada, has already realized that it is impossible to predict what will be found at the festival, in every way.

Thematic camps and their activities, the artistic installations, the music… Everything simply revolves around diversity, sharing, caring for the planet, human expressions, the freedom of each one to be what they really are. There are no tracks or VIP areas, but a large space divided and used together, as a great alternative city based on different principles than we have today.

Want an example?

Nothing is sold or bought, and so it will be with Burning Man in Brazil: you don't have to take money, because you won't have anything to buy there, but share, because Tropical Burn will follow the 10 basic principles that govern the central idea of the event. One of them, considered one of the most important, concerns leaving no traces. In other words: each one is responsible for the garbage they generate, and at the end of it all there should be no traces that something was happening in the place. 

It seems impossible?

If the Burning Man, which currently gathers approximately 70 thousand people, ends without leaving any sequins in Black Rock, certainly the Tropical Burn, which aims to gather around 3 thousand people, will also manage to be finished without leaving anything behind.

How to participate in Tropical Burn, the Burning Man in Brazil

Burning Man in Brazil

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Participating in Tropical Burn is simple, just buy a ticket and understand that you won't be there as a mere spectator.

Remember we talked about community above? Well, you will be in one and, therefore, will be useful in some way, even if you are not acting as a volunteer, any help during your stay in this small town will be welcome.

The first batch of sales will be intended to help fund the event, allowing each buyer to feel like a burner already at this stage, feeling that they are contributing to something amazing to happen.

You can get more information at Tropical Burn official website, which explains in detail the 10 principles of Burning Man, the concept of the festival, the theme chosen this year for Brazil and much more.

And, of course, don't forget to think about the clothes you're going to wear and start preparing them, because burner, which is burner, is mainly expressed in the way you dress.

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