The world's longest bus journey will link London, England, to the city of New Delhi, India, in a 70-day trip

The Adventure Overland company has just released its newest travel route that promises to be the world's longest bus trip. THE road map will link the Indian city of New Delhi to the British capital, London, covering 18 countries in Europe and Asia in 70 days, totaling more than 20 thousand kilometers. Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels, Frankfurt, in addition to the old cities of Uzbekistan, such as Tashkent and Samarkand, are among the stops promoted along the route.

The inaugural trip is scheduled for 2021. Bus to London will take 20 passengers in a luxurious modified bus, inspired by the hippie vehicles that crossed the world in the 1950s and 1960s.

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The bus will cross 18 countries over a 70-day period, with passengers hopping off to marvel at the temples. Attractions include Myanmar's temples, the Great Wall of China and strolling through historic cities including Moscow and Prague. 

World's longest bus trip

World's longest bus trip will pass in 18 countries and passengers will be able to get off to enjoy attractions along the way

Adventures Overland holds a Guinness World Record and 15 Limca Book of Records for having also undertaken another long-distance expedition.

Agarwal says the idea was inspired by an amazing solo trip from London to Delhi he took in 2010. “It's an absolutely fantastic trip,” he says. 

Adventures Overland

Since the founding of Adventures Overland, Agarwal and Madan have organized three India-London expeditions, in which travelers take their own cars and travel in a convoy. The duo also arranged road trips through Iceland and over frozen lakes in Russia. “There are a lot of people, travelers, who want to experience these land trips but don't want to drive,” says Agarwal. “Then the idea came up of building a bus that people could comfortably sit on and travel long distances.” And that's how the idea of the bus to London was born”.

“The best time to make this trip is between April and June, because that is when the weather is favorable to start the journey from India to Myanmar, and to cross the high mountains of China and Kyrgyzstan”, explains Agarwal.

The organizers say that the trip will cost around US$ 20 thousand, but that it will be possible to choose to be only part of it.

The traveler will be able to choose whether to start in the UK or India. Once the bus arrives in London, the round-trip passengers will travel by plane and the vehicle will turn around, starting a return journey with a new group of 20 travelers.

The itinerary can be found at and more information on

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