With sustainable traditions and a culture where happiness is more important than money, Bhutan was voted the best country to visit in 2020 by the Lonely Planet tour guide

THE Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, was considered the best country to visit in 2020. That's because the renowned travel guide Lonely Planet highlighted the destination in its annual publication “Best in Travel 2020”. However, what were the criteria for the country to occupy the top of the list? Its low-impact tourism policy, rich culture and sustainable traditions were some of the reasons.

Bhutan: tourism and sustainability go hand in hand

best country to visit in 2020

Bhutan best country to visit in 2020. Photo: Pixabay

THE Bhutan It is a very sustainable country. One step away from becoming the first fully organic nation, the country was also pioneer to present a negative carbon footprint. That's because its forests cover 72% of its territory, absorbing three times more carbon dioxide than it produces. This is a unique situation in the world – and not the only one.

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THE tourism in Bhutan is also considered unique, since the country has a strict and specific regulations for visitors. Tourists entering the country, for example, must do so through a tour operator, in addition to paying a daily fee of US$250. This measure, despite not pleasing most travelers, reduces mass tourism. This makes the country not crowded and its natural beauties remain protected.

Nature and religion in harmony


Photo: Pixabay

As a result of its policies for less impact tourism, the Bhutan offers travelers stunning and virtually untouched landscapes. There are mountains and hills full of monasteries and an atmosphere of peace on all sides.

In fact, the people in Bhutan prioritizes its Buddhist roots. According to the publication that elected it as the best destination to travel in 2020, while the country maintains its traditions, it also embraces new developments. This makes the generations stay together and still in tune with the environment.

Bhutan: the happiest country in the world


Photo: Pixabay

THE Bhutan It is also considered the “happiest country in the world”. That's because it implemented an index called "Gross National Happiness", where happiness and simplicity win more important than money.

However, in an interview with Lonely Planet, the director general of the Tourism Board of the Bhutan, Dorji Dradhul, although very grateful for the title, said that some issues still need to be improved in the country. “We are working to improve and strengthen our services and infrastructure in tourism, such as road problems and the qualification of guides, among others,” he said.

With an increasingly fast-paced, egocentric and consumerist world, maybe we really need to learn a lot from the Bhutan.

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