Buying cheap airline tickets can seem like a challenge, but with these tips it will be easier to spend less on your next trip

The purpose of this article is to share tips tested by our editors and updated frequently to help even more people find discounted or cheaper airline tickets. Are you looking to buy a flight to one of the best places to travel in Brazil?

Find flash deals from airline tickets or trusted sites with really low prices seems like an impossible task. But after years of research, some professional travelers have found simple tactics that can guarantee big savings and cheaper travel.

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Those who don't travel very often may find that airline ticket prices are always exorbitant, but that's not always true. There are several methods that are basic and that more experienced travelers use and you can also learn and travel for a lot less.

And to show that this can be easier than you think, the editors here in the Guide have separated some precious tips that they use when traveling, and can even find airline tickets and plane travel costing 30 to 50% less!

To demystify this idea that traveling is only for those who are rich, and in a way to make this information even more accessible to other travelers, we have separated some suggestions for buying cheap airline tickets. They are effective ideas prepared in a quick guide. Shall we go to the tips?

Are promotional late-night airline tickets real? 

Many people say that it is easier to find the best prices by searching for air tickets at dawn, but this is not an absolute truth. Despite having less competition during this time, the values are not always cheaper.

However, on sporadic dates, airlines usually do lightning promotions. To stay on top of when it happens, it's important to follow the main airlines on social media and subscribe to the newsletter, so you'll be one of the first to see these offers. We'll talk more about that later.

Reliable websites to buy the cheapest airline tickets

Domestic and international flights with up to 50% less. Photo: GOL/Disclosure


This is probably the first and most important tip in this guide. how to buy airline tickets much cheaper. Those who still don't know the pleasures of paying for an airline ticket with miles can't imagine how much they're wasting the chance to travel more.

THE MaxMiles, considered the startup of the year in the INFO Start award, is one of the references for those looking for cheap travel. The site sells airline tickets with up to 50% off. They get these attractive values because they buy airline tickets with miles from people who want to sell points. Everything is done with total security and has become the favorite site for frequent travelers who always buy tickets, simulate the value of your flight with MaxMilhas.

Miles Programs

Photo: KLM / Publicity

If you use a credit card a lot, you've probably heard about frequent flyer programs. With miles you can buy different products, including airline tickets, and in some cases, paying only the boarding fee, which is an average of R$25.00 per flight.

If you don't have enough miles, you can also pay part of the amount with points and part in cash, getting a good discount depending on your balance.

Each airline works with a different mileage program. For those who are not used to this service, miles are nothing more than a kind of virtual money where you can accumulate points with everyday purchases or paying for services such as filling up the car, shopping at the pharmacy, market, among others. Here we talk more about how to buy airline tickets with miles.

Price comparison

In this little system called Voopter, the user finds the best flight alternatives in real time. The best thing is that there is no extra fee or fee and you issue your ticket directly on the website of the chosen airline, no commissions or intermediaries, which allows for lower prices. The proposal of site is always to present the best price guaranteed.

They basically work as a price comparator. After searching for the dates and destination of the trip, the system tracks all the airlines at once and presents you with the most attractive values in a few minutes. All direct on the company's website without complications. Perfect, right?

Unlike other similar ideas, the proposal of this Brazilian site is that you find the best prices for your ticket and don't pay anything extra for it, in addition to detecting ticket promotions in real time. do a simulation.

Newsletter System

As we mentioned in the first topic, another way to stay on top of promotions and receive first hand is to register for the airlines' newsletter system. This field serves as a relationship channel between the organization and the final public, where they present company news, promotions and other information.

All these companies offer a field on the website where the user can register his e-mail in this “newsletter” and create a login to buy tickets, accumulate miles and make other transactions. The interesting thing about this format is that when you register, you automatically start receiving the next promotions directly in your email. Ideal for those who want to travel more and just needed a good incentive.

How to book cheaper hotels

The last bonus tip is already well known among more experienced travelers, and it can be the solution for anyone looking to find a good accommodation. The website is a booking engine available worldwide. There are thousands of hotels, inns and hostels registered in practically every country on the globe.

Through you can consult a list of different accommodation options in the destination you have chosen. The coolest thing is that the users themselves evaluate the accommodations and rate the properties, leaving positive or negative references for other travelers. You can check your hotel in this link here: Book Hotels

Now that you've learned some useful ways to buy cheap airline tickets, it's worth taking a few minutes to put these methods into practice and start thinking about your next trip.

To travel you don't necessarily need to spend lots of money, with good planning you can find alternatives to get that dreamed trip off paper. If you have any cool tips to share or if you've used any of these services, leave a comment to help other travelers like you.

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Dica extra para reservar hotéis

Para encontrar inúmeras opções de acomodação e reservar hotéis e pousadas com os melhores preços, utilizamos o - disponível em milhares de destinos.

Passagens aéreas mais baratas

Para economizar com voos, consultamos primeiro as passagens aéreas na MaxMilhas, - quase sempre encontramos os melhores preços tanto no Brasil quanto no exterior. As passagens podem ser emitidas mesmo para quem não tem milhas aéreas.

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