Buying and selling inns in Brazil: a new platform makes it easy and intuitive to do business focused on hotels

buy an inn and live the rest of your life in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil It is the dream of many people. However, more than a wish for when retirement arrives, this is also a good financial investment. And, contrary to what many may imagine, this can be a good time to start a business in the hospitality industry. Did you find it curious? We explain these reasons below.

After months of quarantine, the trend is for the population to travel again as soon as the pandemic is under control. According to studies, the forecast is that weekend occupancy will grow faster for enterprises focused on leisure hotels, especially smaller ones and in less crowded destinations. In addition, domestic tourism will be even more frequent at the time of resumption.

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This reality also creates an opportunity for those who want to sell an inn, since foreign investors are looking for tourist ventures in Brazil, mainly due to the devaluation of the local currency at this time of crisis. For foreigners, these factors became a good investment opportunity, after all it became more advantageous, even more so with the dollar and euro operating on the rise. However, where to find B&Bs for sale in Brazil? And how to advertise an inn to those who want to sell it? 

With that in mind, a platform has emerged to unite buyers with those who want sell inns and hotels in Brazil, in a simple, intuitive and practical way. 

How to buy or sell a hostel in Brazil

Buying and selling hostels in Brazil

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the platform Free Ads came up with a simple proposal to connect buyers and sellers of inns in Brazil. With a simple and intuitive interface, just access the site and register for free to advertise or search for the desired tourist enterprise. 

To register and advertise a property, simply enter a valid email address and create a password. After that, completing other requested fields with your data, you can include photos, information about the enterprise, values, among other options to publicize the sale. The tool provides a series of features that make it possible to add important details, such as the inclusion of videos so that potential buyers can see every detail of the space. There is also the option to add a map, to show the exact location of the inn.

Now for those who want buy a hostel in Brazil, land or other hotel development, just access the search field, on the top tab of the site, and enter what you are looking for. It is possible to make your search more assertive by including some filters, such as location, type of enterprise and even the maximum amount you want to pay. 

In addition, you can sort the results with the most recent additions of properties or those with lower values. Once you find what you want, just click on the ad and check the information provided there, such as phone number, e-mail and other data, and then contact the advertiser and do business. 

Buying and selling inns: tips for advertising your business

Buying and selling inns

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The internet is increasingly becoming an excellent tool for anyone who wants to buy or sell a property. Many potential buyers use buying and selling platforms and websites to make a first contact or pre-selection of places. 

It's no different with inns and hotels: nowadays, the first contact in negotiations takes place online. For those looking to sell an inn in Brazil, however, it is necessary to focus on the advertisement to generate more opportunities to accelerate sales. 

Below, check out some tips to advertise your hostel and get ahead: 

  • Before photographing your inn, clean and tidy the environments so that the images are more professional and show the real potential of your property; 
  • Take high resolution photos, with good angles and diversity of spaces;
  • Still about the photos, if you think it's necessary, hiring a professional photographer can be an option or who knows how to produce aerial images with a drone; 
  • Don't forget to include the location of your inn through the maps tool;
  • A tip is to film your inn and upload videos on YouTube, so that those interested can understand the environments even more;
  • Don't forget to add all the necessary information about your business. The more details the better. 
  • Don't forget to create a catchy headline, as this will be the potential buyer's first contact with your ad.

Where to buy an inn in Brazil: important points to evaluate

Buying and selling inns

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For those who are looking for a hostel to buy in Brazil, a common doubt is what are the main points that we must raise to know if that is, in fact, the ideal place.

Brazil is full of paradisiacal tourist destinations. When making an investment, choosing the ideal location can be decisive. After all, the destination will always be the biggest attraction of a trip.

Also, it's important to be clear about the size of the facility, the repairs needed, and the expansions you'll have to make. In addition, it is important to evaluate when making a purchase of inns: 

  • Research the region in which the inn is located and its tourist potential, evaluating the city's calendar of events, infrastructure, among other details;
  • Be clear about the size of the inn you intend to open, as well as the expansions you plan to make later. 
  • Do an internet search on the hostel's reputation on different platforms and carefully read the guest reviews. You can learn a lot from the tourist's own opinion; 
  • Analyze if the structure of the inn allows you to put your ideas into practice and, if so, calculate how much you will spend on possible renovations or improvements. 

As we have seen, advertising an inn or finding the perfect venture to invest in is easier than you might think. With the tips that we have gathered here, it is even more interesting to buy or sell inns in Brazil. 

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