Power seat of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, discover the most interesting places to visit in Cairo

Capital of one of the oldest civilizations that exist, Cairo it is a place full of beauties and mysteries that span millennia. THE capital of egypt is known for its amazing pyramids, like those at Giza, one of the main archaeological complexes from the country. You need to invest a good part of your day in a guided tour if you really want to immerse yourself in the local history and beauties. The Egyptian Museum is another home to an important part of the nation's history, including the monumental treasure of Tutankhamun.

For shoppers, the best opportunities to get the best local artifacts is at Khan el Khalili, where antique pieces and fine materials are highlighted. Built between 1830 and 1848 by Muhammad Ali Pasha, one of the great nationalists responsible for Egypt's modernization process, the Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the most sumptuous buildings in the city.

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Explore the downtown area Cairo, where the citadel, a century-old defense fortification, guards an incredible complex of buildings and constructions, which include mosques, shops, museums and palaces. The Cairo Tower also deserves to be included in your city tour, as it offers one of the most breathtaking views. This modern building, which marks the national modernization, is a great place to visit.

To complete your trip, visit the beautiful Al Azhar Mosque, built in 970, it is one of the oldest and most important religious buildings in the city. It holds an important architectural and artistic collection for the nation, and is one of the must-see places to visit in Cairo.

What to do in Cairo

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Pyramids of Giza

This is, perhaps, the tourist attraction most associated with Egypt. Located in close proximity to Cairo, the complex of the Pyramids of Giza form one of the most emblematic and important constructions in the history of mankind, being recognized by UNESCO. A guided tour of its tombs and galleries allows you to learn more about the history of this fantastic civilization of more than 5,000 years.

Egyptian Museum

A must-stop for art and culture lovers, the Egyptian Museum is home to one of the largest archaeological and artistic collections on the country's past. Here, you can appreciate more than 120,000 items, which include parts of Tutankhamun's vast treasure. For lovers of mummies, sarcophagi, treasures and history, the museum is a full plate.

Khan el Khalili

For those who prefer to venture into shopping, Cairo is also an excellent choice. Walk through the streets, shops and stalls of Khan el Khalili, one of the most traditional shopping areas in the city, where you can buy clothes, fabrics, rugs, antiques, as well as enjoy delicious meals.

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Built between 1830 and 1848, this is one of the largest and most important mosques in the country, having been built by order of Muhammad Ali Pasha, one of the nationalist leaders who fought for Egyptian modernization and faced European colonial power. Following the Ottoman architectural style, it keeps one of the most important religious collections in the country.

Cairo Tower

This tower was conceived to mark the most recent process of Egyptian modernization, in the 1960s. With its elegant architecture, it is one of the best places to enjoy the city's panorama.

historic citadel

Stroll through the narrow streets of this citadel protected by the fortresses that for much of the country's history served as a barrier against invaders. Inside it is possible to explore museums, mosques, palaces and other century-old buildings. It is worth taking a guided tour of the region.

Al Azhar Mosque

Explore one of Cairo's oldest mosques, which was established in 972. Its interior retains some of the most iconic architectural works of the Fatimid style, the caliphate that ruled North Africa between 909–1167 AD.

Other places to visit in Cairo

– Sphinx
– Valley of the Kings
– Boat trip on the Nile
– Valley of the Dead
– Abu Simbel Temple

How to get to Cairo

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The easiest way to get to Cairo is through Cairo International Airport (CAI), which has flights to several world capitals.

The main airlines are KLM, British Airways, lufthansa and Air France. But, you can also find excerpts made by Arab companies, such as Qatar and Emirates.

Best time to visit Cairo

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THE best time to visit Cairo It's between October and May, however, don't forget to bring sunscreen and a hat.

June, July and August are the months with the highest temperatures. The months of May and September are also very hot, but not with the extremes of these other months.

Winter in Cairo occurs from November to April, during this period the destination has a much more pleasant climate with temperatures that are around 16 degrees.

Where to stay in Cairo

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The best hotels in Cairo are located in the center of the city, among them the emblematic Nile Ritz-Carlton it's the Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa.

You can also opt for a hotel overlooking the River Nile, the Kempinski Nile Hotel is in the thriving Garden City neighborhood and has a wellness center, indoor pool, spa, sauna, restaurant and outdoor pool.

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