The immense complex of Cais do Sertão Museum occupies an imposing building that formerly served as warehouses for the port of Recife, located on the seafront next to Marco Zero, the main postcard of the old reef, The museum takes advantage of several technological resources to enable interaction and entertainment for visitors. Founded in 2014, the museum is quite new but has already conquered the hearts of people from Recife and tourists who pass through the city thanks to its wonderful collection of objects that portray the life, culture and traditions of the country people.

The themed space stands out due to its playful design and decoration, capturing the attention of visitors. Right at the entrance, an immense window named “Jóias da Coroa” houses accordions of Luiz Gonzaga, a striking personality that carries with him the image of the northeastern hinterland and served as an inspiration for the creation of the museum, in addition to some typical clothes of the cowboys and peoples who inhabit this arid region.

Then, a huge dome-shaped room houses a cinema with a panoramic screen that presents a 15-minute short inviting everyone to an exciting experience of immersion in the sertanejo daily life, enabling the understanding of daily life in the region. Its 7 environments interconnected and represented with songs by Luiz Gonzaga are named in Viver, Ocupar, Cantar, Trabalho, Migrar, Cria e Crer, each showing a little bit of the customs of the sertão.

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Photo: Gustavo Albano

Cais do Sertão Recife Museum

Photo: Gustavo Albano

In the Viver area, a rammed earth house with pestles and wattle and daub was erected to demonstrate what this people's home is like. Utensils such as a wood stove, clay drinking fountain, potty, metal cups, old family pictures and images of saints represent the home of the sertanejo. The spaces are interconnected by bridges that cross a huge aquarium with species of fish that live in the São Francisco River. In Viver demographic information, fossils with cave paintings of tribes that passed through there, samples of the fauna and flora present in the sertão and clothing of cowboys and cangaceiros show us what the sertão is like and who were the peoples that sheltered it.

Another area that attracts a lot of curious people is Creation, which symbolizes the imagination and creativity of the sertanejos, represented in 5 different languages. The space has photographs, woodcuts, paintings, pieces of clay and utensils created by the people.

On the second floor of the building there is a space totally dedicated to the discography of the inspiration of the Caís do Sertão Museum, in the area it is possible to listen and see all the records by Luiz Gonzaga, for those who are more open to new experiences, several rooms with screens and microphones serve as karaoke and offer a huge playlist of the musician's songs. A room with all the typical instruments of the state can be used by visitors, from time to time it is possible to find great musicians in the city who use the space for training or leisure, giving a straw.

If you have more time, be sure to interact with the platforms scattered along the corridor with several testimonials from people who were born in the sertão and for some reason had to leave this place full of culture and stories.

Cais do Sertão Recife Museum

Photo: Helder Filho

Cais do Sertão Recife Museum

Photo: Helder Filho

Cais do Sertão Recife Museum

Photo: Helder Filho

+ info:

Cais do Sertão Museum
Address: Av. Alfredo Lisboa, s/n, Bairro do Recife
Telephones: (81) 3084-2074 / 4062-9594
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9 am to 6 pm
Fridays: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturdays and Sundays: from 1 pm to 7 pm

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