The number of doses applied during the vaccination campaign in Brasília has already reached the mark of 5.09 million, according to the Vaccinometer. There are 89,78% with the first dose, 85,39% with the second dose and 22,34% with the single or additional dose.

All information regarding the progress of vaccination in the city should be consulted only on the link of Health Department of the Federal District. The entity also warns about the widespread dissemination of fake news on the Internet, so the official website should always be consulted at any time, even if it is to check information in a newspaper.

The complete list of vaccination sites can be consulted directly on this link. Remembering that at vaccination sites, an ID with photo, vaccine card or proof issued by Conect SUS and proof of a link as a health worker, such as a functional badge, paycheck, work card or employer's statement or professional council card will be required. .

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The latest news released by the official bodies tells of the start of the vaccination campaign for children from Sunday, January 16th. The first phase includes children aged 5 to 11 years with comorbidities, permanent disability or under the tutelage of the State, and children without comorbidities aged 11 years.

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On Sunday, 11 exclusive vaccination posts will be open for the vaccination of small children. The child must be accompanied by the father, mother or guardian, with an identity document and/or vaccination record. For children with comorbidities or permanent disabilities, it is necessary to present a medical report that demonstrates their clinical status according to a prioritized list of comorbidities.

Each of the 11 vaccination posts will have a technician in charge and three applicators, one for children with permanent disabilities, one for children with comorbidities and a third for 11 children without comorbidities.

In these places, four people will control the movement of the public, and three professionals will be responsible for screening, document validation, evaluation and adequacy of standards, in addition to informing those responsible for vaccinating.

“In order for the vaccine to reach the branch of Brasiliense, there is a whole logistics process initially commanded by the servers of the Central Cold Network”, explains the Regional Health Department website. “It is in this place that the vaccines are received, checking the quantity received and the temperature. Being everything within the norms for receiving, the immunizing agents are stored in the cold chambers. Meanwhile, the servers prepare the distribution schedule for each vaccination point considering the population of that region. After this initial process, it is time to distribute the vaccines in thermal boxes with controlled temperature to be taken to each region”.

Undersecretary of General Health Paula Lawal explained that those responsible for children will be informed that it is a specific vaccine against covid-19 under the brand Pfizer-BioNTech for children, which comes in an orange bottle.

As directed by the Ministry of Health (MS), the dose of 0.2ml will be used in a 1ml syringe, also specific for childhood vaccination. Deputy Minister Paula recalled that the Federal District was dose-dependent and strictly followed the guidelines of the Federal Ministry. She stressed that planning for this vaccination phase was dynamic and adjusted as the Ministry of Health issued new guidelines.

Children who have recently received other vaccines should wait 15 days before being immunized against Covid-19. The second dose should be given eight weeks after the first dose. If an 11-year-old boy turns 12 during this period, he will complete his vaccination course with Child Immune, rather than the version prepared for over 12 years.

The list below presents the vaccination points for children aged 5 to 11 years:

  • UBS 20 Planaltina
  • UBS 2 Sobradinho II
  • UBS 1 Santa Maria
  • UBS 1 Paranoá
  • UBS 2 Brazil
  • UBS 17 Ceilândia
  • UBS 5 Taguatinga
  • UBS 12 Fern
  • UBS 1 Cruise
  • UBS 1 North Lake
  • UBS 1 Guará

On the 11th, 4,220 new cases of covid-19 were recorded with a transmission rate (TR) of 2.06, which means 100 infected spread to another 206, with the Ministry of Health monitoring the occupation of beds and essential supplies. “The great shield we have today is vaccination coverage”, reiterated the manager of the portfolio General Manoel Pafiadache at a press conference at Palácio do Buriti.

Of the 55 Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in the public network, 23 were occupied on Wednesday morning. Of the 45 active beds in the Intermediate Care Unit (ICU), 23 are occupied. Of the 95 beds for covid-19, 56 are vacant. “We are overwhelmed with primary care and urgent and emergency care. But this did not translate into hospitalizations and deaths”, assured Pafiadache. He pointed out that the increase in flu cases also explains the greater demand for basic health units and hospitals.

A commission from the Ministry of Health monitors the evolution of numbers and can mobilize more beds if necessary. “Everything we are going to experience in a short period of time will be fast, and that requires a fast response,” said Fernando Erick Damasceno, assistant secretary of health. He also highlighted a strategy to expand testing. “These are not mass tests without standards, they are scaled up. These actions aim to reduce the contagion”.

Acting Governor Paco Brito emphasized that 90% of hospitalized patients did not start or complete a vaccination program. “We appeal to the population to help us spread the word. A good vaccine is a vaccine, so we will have the peace of mind of having an active active population”, he informed.

The city returned to having paid events, such as concerts and festivals, banned because of these latest results. The measure was explained by Gustavo Rocha, head of the Federal District government's civil agency. “These are the measures that need to be taken to avoid more difficult problems,” he emphasized. The acting governor added that the objective is to suspend the measures of the current ordinance as soon as possible.

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