The numbers published by the Campinas City Hall show how seriously the matter is taken by their health workers. In total, 2,153,651 doses of vaccines were applied, of which 967,845 were the first dose; 957,124 second and single doses, plus 228,682 additional doses.

The city recently reported a 99% reduction in Covid-19 deaths and confirmed cases from the peak of the pandemic and early December. Between March 7 and 13, at the height of the pandemic, 207 deaths and 4,288 new cases were recorded. recently, between December 5th and 11th, there were two deaths and 53 cases. The numbers were released live on the internet by Mayor Dário Saadi on December 17th.

The mayor recalled in a recent interview that in April 2021, 450 people in the city were hospitalized and 122 were treated, but were waiting for ICU beds. “The results we are announcing now are the result of enormous, difficult and extremely technical work that started with severe restrictions. With excellent vaccinations, we achieved this reality”, said the mayor.

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City Hall figures show that 94.3% of the population received at least one dose of the vaccine and 93.6% of the population has a complete vaccination program. For Andrea von Zuben, director of the Department of Health Surveillance (Devisa), despite the positive data, caution is needed, such as the use of masks and hand hygiene. “These numbers give us the feeling that we have overcome the pandemic, but the disease has not calmed us down and a new concern has arisen in the world,” he said.

On January 15th, the D-Day of Vaccination for Additional Dose takes place. in 35,560 places distributed in 56 Health Centers (CS) and in the Reference Center for Elderly Health (CRI). Check out below who can take vaciona that day.

The vaccine, on that day, is recommended for all people aged 18 or over, who have already received the 2nd Dose or the Single Dose from Janssen and meet the deadline informed below:

If you received the 2nd Dose of Coronavac-Sinovac/Butantan vaccine OR Pfizer vaccine OR AstraZeneca vaccine: wait 122 days for the Additional Dose (4 months).

If you received a Single Dose of Janssen vaccine: wait 61 days for the Additional Dose (2 months).

Note: All highly immunosuppressed persons should wait 28 days regardless of the vaccine received. In this case, choose the schedule button below: Schedule here: Additional dose for immunosuppressed patients.

MEDICAL AND PATIENT ADVICE: Download and use the Medical Form for Indication of the Additional Dose vaccine for people with a high degree of immunosuppression. Important: the CRM number must be clear and legible, as it will be mandatory for insertion into the vaccination system.

Some of the questions received about the D-Day vaccination are listed below. The City Hall has made an effort to answer all questions, but knows that there is still a lot to be clarified, so if there is still something you would like to know, please contact the City Hall website.

The points in question are:

  • In case the person is scheduled to receive the Additional Dose on another day and wants to change it to 01/15, it is allowed as long as the vaccination is completed within the established deadline.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms on the appointment date, the vaccine cannot be applied. In this case, you must reschedule on the website with the choice of a date for after the symptoms are gone. Remembering that the symptoms mentioned include chills, sore throat, headache, cough, runny nose, diarrhea or still not smelling or tasting.
  • Scheduling should not be done if the person is bedridden. In this case, a family member or guardian should contact the nearest Health Center.
  • It is not possible to schedule an Additional Dose before completing the established minimum period.
  • If the person has received the first doses of the vaccine in another city/state or country and is now in Campinas, he/she can schedule the Additional Dose in the city as long as he/she proves that he/she is fully vaccinated and within the established deadline.
  • The customer service team by phone 160 can guide you if you have difficulty making an appointment. If you can't for any reason, look for the nearest Health Center.

For travelers going abroad who have a complete vaccination schedule with Coronavac/Sinovac/Butantan and intend to go to countries whose regulatory bodies have not included this immunizer so far in their list of authorized vaccines, the observations are as follows:

Traveler aged 18 years or over, vaccinated in Campinas, exclusively for those who received the 2nd dose more than 28 days ago and who took Coronavac/Silvac/Butantan. In this case, proof of vaccination is mandatory at one of the Immunization Centers or Health Centers in the city of Campinas and presentation of documentation that proves the trip (air transport ticket, issued port), in addition to a document that proves the country's requirement to a specific immunobiological agent (document issued by the consulate of the country of destination, via the website).

Important: according to the 28th update of the Technical Document Vaccination Campaign against covid-19 CVE, the additional dose may be given to travelers abroad, in cases of people who have a complete vaccination schedule with the immunobiological Sinovac/Butantan, and are destined for countries whose regulatory bodies have not included this immunizer so far in their list of authorized vaccines. We clarify that to date there is no contraindication for performing an additional dose for pregnant or postpartum women, as long as it is performed with Pfizer vaccines.

Another important point: it is not recommended to carry out a “new” additional dose, that is, more than one additional dose, in cases of people who already have a complete vaccination schedule and who have already proceeded with an additional dose of immunobiological that at the moment have not yet on the list of vaccines authorized by the traveler's country of destination.

In case the scheduled person had a confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 in the period of 30 days prior to the appointment or has flu-like symptoms precisely on the appointment date, the additional vaccine cannot be applied. In these cases, you must reschedule on the website. Choose a date only when the symptoms are gone, which include fever, chills, sore throat, headache, cough, runny nose, smell or taste disturbances (no smell or taste), diarrhea, rhinorrhea (runny nose).

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