Camocim is famous among tourists who visit Ceará for having some of the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches on the west coast of the state.

It is not news that the beaches of the Brazilian northeast are among the most beautiful in the country. Every year, the most visited region in Brazil receives visitors from the 4 corners of the world and they are enchanted by the paradisiacal scenery of the more than 3300 km of coastline in the region.

The city of camocim, one of the main fishing poles of the Ceará is one of the destinations that stand out on the west coast of the state. There are only 360 km from the capital Strength it is possible to find the last deserted beaches of western Ceará. Most of them can only be accessed by buggy or 4×4 traction cars, but to get to the city, just a 4-hour trip along the Sunset Route, as the CE-085 road is known, leaving the capital.

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Maceio Beach. Photo: Nathaniel Ferreira

camocim It is originally a fishermen's region, but its beaches are the main attraction of the city, to get to know all of them a tip is the buggy ride, a service offered in the city with three itineraries: to Praia dos Remédios, to Jericoacoara or to Praia Tatajuba

The village of Tatajuba beach was completely buried by the dunes in the 80's, but it did not expel the residents of the place, who rebuilt their houses and the first inns in this paradisiacal destination. Tatajuba beach is within a large Environmental Protection Area (APA), its dunes, coconut trees and lagoons have a wild appearance, untouched by humanity. The waters are crystal clear and the sand is white and soft. The landscape is impressive, especially the Enchanted Dune, one of the largest dunes in the state of Ceará, where legend has it, there is a buried pirate ship.

The winds in Tatajuba are perfect for kitesurfing, a very popular sport in Lagoa da Torta, a resort formed by rainwater, discovered just 16 years ago in the midst of the dunes. In addition to the practice of sport, the lagoon, being shallow, is great for bathing, raft rides and the popular aerobunda, a zip line in which bathers descend into the lagoon.

Even more deserted and isolated is Praia dos Remédios. Hidden between dunes, the beach does not offer any structure for tourists, except for buggy rides with accredited guides, which is, in fact, the only way to reach the beach as the path is not signposted.

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ceará, where the waters of the Rio dos Remédios meet the sea. Arms of very blue waters meander through small white dunes and woods offer the shade that makes the place even more perfect. Those who want to venture out can also do some trails along the sand or travel with buggy around the region.

And it doesn't stop there, the municipality of Ceará still has much more to offer. Another charming and famous beach in camocim is Praia do Maceió. 15 km from the city center we find another fishing village surrounded by dunes, with its rafts resting under the shade of coconut trees and a long strip of beaten sand that meets a calm and very clear sea. The paradisiacal atmosphere attracts more and more tourists, which means that there is more infrastructure, with some bars and restaurants on the waterfront.

But its 64 km of coastline is not all that camocim have to show. The city has typical architecture from the 19th century that can be admired during a boat ride along the Coreaú River, which offers barbecue on board. In addition, in February, the city hosts one of the biggest Carnivals in Ceará.

Crossing from Orla de Camocim to the dunes. Photo: Silvio A

Camocim Shore. Photo: Raquel Olivier

Camocim Shore. Photo: via Flickr – Mathausv

Camocim Dunes. Photo: Delson Cursino

Photo: Viviane Menezes

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