We separate some places to camp in the interior or on the coast of SP. A perfect choice to enjoy nature and travel with family, children or friends

Nothing better than discovering some destinations in São Paulo, escaping the routine a little, setting aside time for yourself. This can be even better when the trip allows you to get in touch with nature, to be able to renew your energies and rest for a few days.

Each place has a different specialty, cheap campsites in the interior of SP, campsites by the beach, campsites with pool and different places perfect to embark with family or friends.

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Whether you are an adventurer, backpacker or even someone who just wants to know different things, we list some campsites in the interior of SP or scattered around São Paulo coast, surely one of them may interest you. Escape the routine, pack your bags and embark on this adventure.

Family camping places

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Abode of the Hummingbirds, Boicucanga

If you don't give up on comfort, this is the perfect place to camp. THE Hummingbird abode it offers men's and women's restrooms, with electric showers, in addition to providing tanks for washing clothes. Power points are always available to charge the camera or cell phone battery. If you want something even more peaceful, choose to travel outside of the holidays, the peace will be even greater.

Saltão Ecotourism Park, Itirapina

Another quiet place to camp with the family is the Saltão Ecotourism Park, known for its proximity to the Saltão Waterfall. The campground offers male and female changing rooms, with hot showers. And it also has a differential, as it offers spaces with swimming pools, barbecues and kiosks, great for enjoying the day with your love or with the children.

Alto Boa Vista Resort, Estreito Dam

A good place to relax and get in touch with nature is the Alto Boa Vista Resort, which is surrounded by captivating woods, resulting in a beautiful view. The site contains natural water pools, in addition to providing services such as restaurants and bars. The Estreito Dam is located in the municipality of Pedregulho. Visitors can take the opportunity to visit the dam or even the waterfalls that surround this piece of paradise.

Pousada Pedra Grande, Atibaia

The tradition of camping is carried out on the perimeters of the Pousada Pedra Grande, located in the municipality of Atibaia, about 80 km away from the capital of São Paulo. The site provides spaces for fire pits and spacious camping areas. In addition, all comfort is also present in the structure of Pousada Pedra Grande, the place offers bathrooms, barbecue and electricity to charge your electronic devices.

Camping with pool in the interior of SP

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Camping do Alemão, Itu

THE Camping do Alemão it is full of open areas, which can be used to play some sport, exercise or just relax. But its great differential is the combination of the large spaces and the swimming pool. The site offers the option of camping during the day, or a 24-hour day. The campsite also offers chalets and apartments equipped for those who do not bring tents.

Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas, Altinópolis

The camping in Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas, in addition to having all the benefits of camping for visitors, it also offers another option for those who want to stay in a hotel. All guests and campers have access to the heated pool, court, game room, dam and many other activities. Some nature walks are also offered on site. Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas also has its own restaurant for meals and is located approximately 80 km from Ribeirão Preto.

Recanto Lyrimar, Joanópolis

The camping area Lyrimar Nook is known for providing a fishing and leisure area, but there is also an outdoor swimming pool for those looking for a camping in the countryside of SP. A good place to relax and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city, but that doesn't mean you need to disconnect from the world, as the environment provides free wifi throughout the perimeter and an excellent structure for campers and visitors.

Where to camp on the coast of SP?

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Camping do Cacau, Sao Sebastiao

THE Cacao Camping It has a privileged location on the beachfront and has parking for vehicles. It offers all the basic structure of a camping: bathrooms with showers, sockets and energy available, places to wash dishes, make food and tanks for washing clothes. Regarding the heat, there is no need to worry, the area is well wooded, which generates some leftovers and a breeze from the sea. Want a camping on the coast of SP? This could be the right place!

Camping do Mazinho, Sao Sebastiao

It is on Juquehy beach that the Mazinho Camping, one of the best-known destinations in the municipality of São Sebastião, on the coast of São Paulo. Very close to restaurants and shops in the region, the camping is right on the sand and can be the right choice for those who want to wake up in front of the sea. Some trails also make the trip even more fun, walking for about 20 minutes you reach Maresias, one of the most coveted beaches for surfers visiting the State of São Paulo.

Camping Sununga, Ubatuba

Commanded by Daniel, this campsite is located on the beach of Sununga, known for the “grotto that cries”, in addition to being the home of Skimboarding, a modality practiced by several tourists. THE camping Sununga It has a collective kitchen, parking and wifi network. In addition, campers take the opportunity to sleep on the edge of the beach while listening to the waves of the sea. Ubatuba can be even more surprising if you choose Sununga beach as a base point for your trip.

Padang Surf Camping, Ubatuba

In addition to being located close to the beach, the Padang Surf Camping it also offers 24-hour security and common areas with television. The great differential of this space is the convenience, which has hot showers, internet throughout the perimeter and parking with private spaces. A perfect place to camp and rest for a few days.

Fazenda da Lage, Ilhabela

THE Camping at Fazenda da Lage is located in the south of Ilhabela, open all year round and close to the region's beaches and waterfalls. For those who want to isolate themselves from everything, this is a good place, because the way to get there is only by trail or a specialized 4×4 car. But even so, it provides services such as bathrooms, good general cleaning conditions, accommodation and structure. Want a few days camping in nature? This could be your next destination!

Cheap campgrounds near Sao Paulo

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Camping Chapéu de Sol, Itu

The important thing during a trip is to think about the cost benefit. Therefore, one of the cheapest campsites near São Paulo is the Sun Hat Camping, which offers several extra services. In addition to enjoying the wonders of being in the middle of nature, the space has three swimming pools, a waterslide, games room, saunas and much more for an extremely affordable price.

Camping Recanto do Passa 5, Ipeúna

Ipeúna is approximately 210 km from the capital of São Paulo and can be a good choice for those who want a cheap camping in SP. THE Camping Recanto do Passo it has a more familiar and calm atmosphere, as much of the land is open, it is also a great place to do some sport, play, play games or practice physical exercises. The camping offers parking and a complete structure with security and amenities.

Camping Tia Lola, Barra do Una

Like many campsites on the coast of SP, the Aunt Lola it is a wooded area, precisely to protect the tents from the sun, avoiding excessive heat and cooler weather. The place has a swimming pool with running water, snack bar, restrooms and showers. In addition to providing a space for events and get-togethers, whether for schools or groups of campers.

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