We know that some doubts may arise before taking a dream trip to cancun. Check out unmissable tips for your trip to the Mexican Caribbean to be more than perfect!

cancun is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians today. with beaches taken by a breathtaking turquoise blue, surprising tours, lots of culture and the best of Mexican cuisine, it's hard not to think that this is a true paradise.

But we know that even to enjoy the best of all worlds it is necessary planning. It's no use throwing yourself on a trip without knowing and researching every detail necessary to avoid possible headaches. After all, nothing can get in the way of your dream trip, right?  

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Check out essential tips for plan your trip to the mexican caribbean and make everything even more perfect than you imagined.

Cancun must-see tips

Unmissable tips for Cancun, in the Caribbean. Photo: Jarmoluk / Pixabay

What documents are needed to visit Cancun?

Brazilians traveling to Mexico do not need a visa to enter the country. Just one passport with at least six months of validity to guarantee the permanence for up to 90 days there. Even so, it is important to pay attention to some details that may be required upon arrival in the country.

A tip is to have round-trip air tickets handy. In addition to them, also take a copy of the hotel voucher where you will be staying in cancun. Proof of financial capacity to cover expenses in the country during your stay, such as credit cards or cash – may be required at some point.

Another important point: if you intend to rent a car in cancun, your Brazilian driver's license is normally valid there. Just pay attention to the document expiration date!

Do I need any vaccinations to enter Mexico?

THE Mexico does not require any vaccination from Brazilians, but attention: keep an eye on the route of your flight and, if there is a connection in other countries, check whether or not there is a requirement. check out in this link, on the Anvisa website, the list of countries that ask for the vaccination certificate.

Which currency to take?

The Mexican peso is the official currency of the country, but the US dollar is accepted in most stores, restaurants and establishments in cancun. That's why it's important to have both one and the other currency available.

The tip is to leave the pesos to be exchanged already on Mexican soil, as Brazil does not have a good price for the money to be exchanged here. There are several exchange offices in cancun.

There is also the possibility of withdrawing Mexican pesos directly from ATMs. It is important, when traveling, to be aware of the financial market and see the best option to avoid losing money in these conversions.  

When is the best time of year to go to Cancun?

The heat is constant in the region and sunny days are also frequent. Between August and November the rate of rain and storms is higher. If you don't want to risk getting wet, from February to May there is almost no rain. December and January, considered high season months, also tend to have intense sunny days and attract many tourists.

In March, cancun usually receives many young people due to the American school holidays, the Spring Break. Therefore, during this period, the places tend to be more crowded and with many parties. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer quieter or busier days.

I don't speak Spanish, now what?

the inhabitants of cancun are very used to tourists. Therefore, you will not have great difficulty in communicating with the famous “Portuñol”. In addition to Spanish, which is the native language, most residents also speak English, precisely because of the great tourist activity in the region.

Our tip for those who want to know the sights of Cancún is to get to know an agency Tio Nene Tours, receptive specialized in receiving Brazilians in Cancún, with guides and staff who speak Portuguese.

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