Untouched nature: discover the incredible Enchanted Canyon, a tourist highlight in Almas, Tocantins

In the world of tourist landscapes, there is no attraction that exerts a greater fascination than a canyon. The Grand Canyon of the United States, say so! But what is such a scenario? A lot of people have already said nonsense about it, so here's a quick clarification.

A canyon or gorge is a deep crevice between escarpments or cliffs resulting from weathering and erosive activity of a river over geological timescales. Rivers have a natural tendency to cut into underlying surfaces, eventually wearing away rock layers as sediment is removed downstream.

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A river bed will gradually reach a baseline elevation, which is the same elevation as the body of water into which the river flows. Weathering and erosion processes will form canyons when the headwaters and estuary of the river are at significantly different elevations, particularly through regions where softer rock layers are mixed with harder, more weather-resistant layers.

A gorge can also refer to a crevasse between two mountain peaks, such as those in ranges that include the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas, or the Andes. Typically, a river or stream creates these crevasses between mountains. Examples of mountain-type canyons are Provo Canyon in Utah or Yosemite Valley in Sierra Nevada in California. Canyons within mountains, or gorges that have an opening on only one side are called gorges. Rift canyons are very narrow and often have smooth walls.

The steep valleys on the seafloor of the continental slope are called submarine canyons. Unlike land canyons, underwater canyons are believed to be formed by turbidity currents and landslides.

Enchanted Canyon

Enchanted Canyon Tocantins Almas

Photo: Disclosure

To find a Canyon you don't have to go abroad. Brazil has many examples such as the Enchanted Canyon, located in the municipality of souls, Tocantins. In it there are no less than four simultaneous waterfalls with more than 70 meters of height that, at the base, form a small lake around a small beach.

At the bottom of the canyon they form a stream that is the main source that irrigates the region. But don't even think about taking a bath: this is forbidden because of the force of the current. Almas tourism is one of the most sought after in Tocantins, where all customers always ask for the trail that leads to the Enchanted Canyon. To go through it, there are options for water and land trails with stops for contemplation and bathing in other locations. The effort proves to be worthwhile, as it takes about two hours to explore and appreciate the place.

There are other highlights in the surroundings, such as the visit on foot, along a flat trail of about four and a half kilometers, which leads to Cidade de Pedra, the name given to formations in sandstone rocks, carved over thousands of years by the action of winds and from the rain. At the end it is possible to take a bath in Cachoeira dos Pelados, named after a reality show, Largados e Pelados, produced by the Discovery Channel, filmed there.

The Canyon Trail passes towards Prainha do Elias, where it is possible to contemplate the cliffs and enjoy the excellent view of Mirante do Cânion. There are a total of 5.2 kilometers of walking trails on flat terrain and about 500 meters on a moderate slope to reach the final destination. So get your feet ready!


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The canyon and its valley are located 30 kilometers from Almas and offer opportunities for contact with the local flora and fauna. The city is one of the oldest in the state and dates back to 1734, when the first residents arrived, led by the Portuguese Manoel Rodrigues Araújo, who roamed the region looking for gold.

In 1820, Bernardo Homem arrived, a Portuguese merchant who dedicated himself to the exploration of gold. He is considered the founder of the municipality and the builder of the first Catholic church, bringing from Portugal several sacred images, among them that of São Miguel Arcanjo, patron saint of the city. The first name of the place was Arraial de São Miguel e Almas, then it became Arraial de São Miguel, then just Almas. São Miguel remained as patron saint.

It is not known for sure when the village became a district, but by the law of the State of Goiás n° 2094, of November 14, 1958, it was already in that capacity, linked to the Comarca de Natividade. Its official installation as a municipality took place on January 30, 1959.

How to get

Choose the starting point between Almas, Arraias, Aurora Do Tocantins and Dianópolis. In the first one, access is via the TO-050, Rodovia Coluna Prestes, BR-010 and TO-280 to TO-040 in Almas; in the second, by the TO-050, Rodovia Coluna Prestes, BR-010 and TO-050 until Arraias; on the third, access the TO-050, Rodovia Coluna Prestes, BR-010, TO-280 and TO-110 to Aurora do Tocantins; and in the fourth, access the TO-220 that connects Dianópolis to Natividade. There is a 1,200 meter unpaved airstrip.

+ info:

Write it down:

Location – Almas – TO, 77310-000
Phone: (63) 99273-8603
Official site

Average prices for the website only:

Canyon Trail + Stone City (7 hours of activity) – R$ 60.00
Canyon Trail Only (2:50 hours of activity) – R$ 50.00
Stone Town (2:30h of activity) – R$ 20.00

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