Tickets to visit the Cambará do Sul Canyons will be a reality! Rates could reach R$ 80, but the promise is that the structure will be of the best

The visitation to Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks, in Cambará do Sul, will be charged. This is because at the beginning of this year the green areas where the Rio do Boi trail and the canyons of Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza are located were privatized through a bidding process for the company Urbia Cânions Verdes, which has already warned that a fee of R$35.00 per day will be charged of visitation and R$55.00 for two. From the third month onwards, the value must be increased to R$50.00 and R$80.00 respectively.

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The beginning of the use of tickets to access the parks was scheduled for September 1st, but the manager went back a few days earlier and spoke in a statement on August 27th. A new date has not been set, but it has been guaranteed that the population will be notified at least one week in advance. So far, admission is free.

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The company Urbia Cânions Verdes, as soon as it won the bid to manage the parks, presented the project it intends to carry out in the coming years, transforming the complex in Cambará do Sul into the best structured and preserved in Brazil. Improvements in access, renovations to expand the viewpoints, insertion of a camping area and motorhome are part of the future intentions. The entrance fee is justified based on the collection of values to get the project off the ground.

How to get to Cambara do Sul

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If you plan to visit Serra Gaúcha it's really worth stretching a little further and also getting to know the famous Canyons of the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks. At the border between states Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina there is the largest concentration of canyons in South America with 250 kilometers of breathtaking cliffs. But to access the parks you need to arrive in Cambará do Sul, which is 195 km from Porto Alegre.

By airplane: Hugo Cantergiani Regional Airport (CXJ) is the closest to Cambará do Sul, at 138 kilometers.

It is located in the city of Caxias do Sul and is the second busiest in the state, but the flight options are smaller than those at Porto Alegre airport, which is 195 kilometers away.

Another option is also the Salgado Filho International Airport (POA), which receives frequent flights from the main national airlines and is just under eight kilometers from the center of the capital.

By car: To get to Cambará do Sul by car, leaving Porto Alegre, you must take the BR-290, also known as the Freeway, and then take the RS-020 towards São José dos Ausentes.

The state highway is well maintained but not duplicated. This path is the shortest, but there is another option: following the BR-290 to Osório Filho and then taking the BR-101 towards the coast. On this route, the trip gains 40 kilometers more.

By bus: The Porto Alegre Bus Station is approximately six kilometers from the airport.

The company that makes the trip to Cambará do Sul, leaving the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, is Citral. The trip takes about six hours, the bus makes a stop in São Francisco de Paula and, sometimes, there is a change of vehicle.

Leaving Caxias do Sul, the trip takes almost three hours. The company that makes this route is express São Marcos.

Cambará do Sul, tours, tips and more

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Cambará do Sul is a very small town with only about 6,500 inhabitants. So don't worry about getting around the shopping center that is concentrated on Av. Getúlio Vargas, which is the main road in the city and also the meeting point for state highways RS-020 and RS-427.

In 1.5 km of stretch are located hotels, inns, restaurants, bakeries, banks and the like. Everything a visitor needs is just a few meters away. The car will be necessary to access the canyons and also because the main attractions of the city are in the rural area and there is no public transport to them.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to a car you will also need a tour guide to do the trails, some of them cannot be covered without the presence of a professional guide.

Although Cambará do Sul is a small town, it is very well structured for tourism with great options of hotels, inns and chalets that suit both hot and cold winter days. It is interesting to stay close to the center considering that the restaurants and commerce in general will be a few meters away, optimizing the tasks.

Before any trip, do a thorough research of the place and infrastructure, thus making your tour more pleasant and without unwanted surprises.

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