Dive in and disconnect in Capitol, or sea of Minas Gerais, as it is popularly known. The beauty of its waters, including lakes and dam, is so impressive that it has earned its reputation as a sea. In blue and crystalline tones, it is a setting that fills the eyes and invites for an immersion in the nature and history of this small town. Located 282 km from Belo Horizonte, offers unmissable attractions, such as viewpoints, boat trips, many waterfalls and of course, the delights that only Minas Gerais food has. 

Capitol attractions


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The main postcard of Capitólio, which cannot be missed on any trip, is the Furnas Reservoir Lake, whose immensity frightens and enchants at the same time, with its more than 1400 km² of area, which really resembles a sea. All this immensity can be seen from above, at Mirante dos Cânions, which yields spectacular photos, in the midst of rock formations. However, prepare yourself, because the queue to access is always long, after all, all visitors want to keep this scenario in their memory. 

However, the best way to get to know Furnas is sailing and diving. It is possible to take boat trips or motorboats that also pass through other very interesting points, such as Lake Furnas, which has several waterfalls and even a floating bar to relax even more. THE Valley of the Toucans is also a must-see: a rock formation that is located in the middle of the canyons. In addition, the waterfalls are also an opportunity to cool off along the way.

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Capitólio has a series of waterfalls that enchant tourists, the most famous and easily accessible are found on the Trilha do Sol, where it is possible to visit Cachoeira Poço Dourado and Cachoeira do Grito. It is a type of park that offers a great infrastructure, with restrooms, restaurants and even places to rest for those who want to spend the day. The best thing is that access via trail to the waterfalls is well signposted and without major difficulties. Along the way, it is still possible to find viewpoints that make the tour even more charming.

For those looking for an experience that requires a little more adventure and contact with nature, you can't miss the Lost Paradise Waterfalls, a complex that brings together eighteen attractions, among the most famous are: Poço do Mirante, Cachoeira da Árvore and Poço da Prainha, and at the end of the route, visitors are still rewarded with a natural pool formed by the last waterfall. It's a perfect walk on a sunny day to cool off. 

To finish this script, also include the Blue Lagoon Quarry, this suggestive name, hints at what to expect from this place. It is an area formed by the remains of an old mineral extraction area. Due to the excavations and removal of the stones, the underground water reached the surface and formed a beautiful and heavenly lagoon. Now, when it comes to nightlife and gastronomy, Escarpas do Lago does not disappoint when it comes to entertainment. If you like to party, don't miss it. 


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