Looking for car rental tips in Fortaleza? Find out how to ensure a safe trip that provides the tranquility that the destination deserves

Putting your foot on the road is a sensation that is provided only when the steering wheels are under the control of our hands. And when the destination is Fortaleza, where natural attractions, such as beautiful beaches, are protagonists, everything gets even better. For those who do not have a car, the solution is to rent a vehicle. However, there is always a question: is it really safe to rent a car? 

It is normal for surveys to be part of travel planning. After all, headaches, problems and bureaucracy are the last things we want when planning a trip. And finding a reliable rental company, obviously, is also on this list. With that in mind, we've come up with some tips to help. 

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How to find a reliable rental company?

Car rental in Fortaleza: how to find a reliable rental company

Photo: Ministry of Tourism

This is a question that sums up well the feeling of drivers who want to have fun during their trip and avoid worries. A tip is to seek the evaluation of other people who have already used the service. 

In 2018, Editora Panrotas, specialized in B2B (business to business) tourism, presented a ranking of car rental companies with the best public rating, according to data released by the website Reclame Aqui. Localiza stood out in the ranking and won Reclame Aqui's maximum reputation with the RA1000 seal, solving more than 90% of cases. 

Localiza is available in downtown Fortaleza and close to Pinto Martins International Airport. The unit closest to the airport operates 24 hours a day and is also close to the bus station, making it a perfect opportunity for those arriving by air or land. In other words, a great option for those looking for car rental in Fortaleza.

Car rental: why rent?

Car rental in Fortaleza: how to find a reliable rental company

Photo: Pixabay

The culture of renting a car is still not very popular in Brazil, compared to other markets such as the North American and European markets. And the view that it is a bureaucratic process is one of the reasons for this. However, this is an easy, safe practice that still promotes numerous other advantages. 

In addition to knowing that booking is a simple process, we are going to reinforce some of the benefits of investing in this form of travel. Some of them are: 

Economy:  Through car rental, drivers do not have to worry about some fixed costs that a car has, such as registration, maintenance and unexpected expenses, for example. When you arrive at the agency, just remove the vehicle with the certainty that everything is in order and that the review was carried out by trained professionals. 

Freedom: By renting a car, it is possible to drive freely and organize itineraries according to your routine, without the need to comply with schedules, such as at airports and bus stations, for example. In addition, it allows you to gather the best companies and make that itinerary you so much want. 

Safety: Once again, the word tranquility is present. We're talking about travel and we don't want problems and headaches to arise. For this reason, rental companies, such as Localiza, offer additional and safe services so that this tour is done with the peace it deserves. Coverage is available to both you and third parties. 

Requirements for renting a car in Fortaleza

Car rental in Fortaleza: how to find a reliable rental company

Photo: Ministry of Tourism

Freedom and autonomy are certainly images that are already included in the car rental modal. However, many drivers still ask themselves: but what does it take to rent a car in Fortaleza? Whether in Fortaleza or anywhere else in Brazil, it's an easy process, nothing bureaucratic and that can be done online. 

Currently, to rent a car at Localiza, all you need to do is meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Credit approved at Localiza (made immediately by credit card);
  • Foreign customers need to present their passport when picking up their car.  

To book a vehicle, simply: 

  • Enter the Localiza website (www.localiza.com)
  • Select the cities where you will pick up and return the car
  • Choose the date and time of pick-up and return
  • Choose the vehicle model that will best suit your travel profile
  • If you wish, complement the reservation with additional services such as vehicle insurance, third-party insurance and GPS
  • Check the details and finalize the reservation.

If necessary, you can edit and change any booking information. 

How to enjoy Fortaleza by car

Car rental in Fortaleza: how to find a reliable rental company

Photo: Ministry of Tourism

Fortaleza is a destination that by itself offers a complete program and that appeals to different profiles of travelers. If the idea is to enjoy beaches, it is the perfect destination. A little more than 30 kilometers from Avenida Beira-Mar, you can head east and visit Prainha. On the way, you can also find the Centro das Tapioqueiras, considered an obligatory stop to fill your stomach. 

Another hour on the road and it will be possible to visit the village of Caponga. Águas Belas and Barra Nova are also visits that should be on the itinerary. If you have time, it is worth extending the trip to Morro Branco, which has giant and colorful cliffs, in addition to an exuberant view. 

Around the city, it is also possible to find great destinations that are worth the trip. And Canoa Quebrada is one of those that needs to be on the list. The journey of approximately 160 kilometers pays off a lot when you arrive at the old hippie paradise, famous for its parties and luaus. 

Leaving Canoa Quebrada, it is worth stopping at Praia de Ponta Grossa. The deserted beaches, dunes and lagoons are the landscape of this journey of less than an hour along the shore. Giant sculptures on the cliffs, at the beginning of the trip, already make the experience enriching. And we cannot fail to mention the bottles of colored sand at Majorlândia Beach. 

Did you like the tips? We hope they have been helpful in helping you plan your next trip to Fortaleza safely. After all, a paradise destination deserves to be enjoyed with tranquility. 

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