If your intention is to spend your next vacation discovering new places and regions, car trips can be great alternatives for quick day trips, day trips or weekend trips.

There are thousands of people who travel by car to make the most of their vacation or an extended weekend due to the holiday. Having the possibility to travel with your own vehicle, you gain independence and comfort, as you will not depend on bus or plane schedules, you will not have to worry about the weight of your luggage and you will still be able to make stops with complete independence.

Located in the southern region of Brazil, the State of Paraná is one of the regions with the best quality of life. If you still don't know or just visit Curitiba, the capital, it is worth organizing a trip to discover other regions. The State is also known for the quality of its public transport, being a reference in several urban centers across the country. Another thing that is noted is the amount of people who travel to this region in search of places to buy cheap cars in Paraná, and take advantage of this moment to complete a trip. 

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With a quality public transport and good urban structure, the highways and roads of the State also deserve to be highlighted, connecting different tourist destinations, allowing safe car trips, intersecting the entire State, from Foz do Iguaçu The Honey Island, destinations considered icons of Paraná. If you are planning to take a road trip in the near future, here are some tips and precautions to take into account: 

Precautions before starting the trip

Despite having the possibility of not worrying about the weight of the luggage, as people who travel by plane normally have to take care of, do not exaggerate overloading the trunk, because this can reduce the vehicle's efficiency, in addition to consuming more fuel. 

Do not put bags in the back seat that could obstruct your view., and never put a bag loose, because in the face of a sudden stop, everything can fly forward and cause discomfort during the trip or even an accident.

Watch out for the tires

Remember that a tire can burst or puncture at any moment: a stone, a hole in the road, there is always this possibility both on city streets and on highways. Therefore, pay close attention to the condition of the auxiliary wheel (spare wheel), which must be in perfect condition to be used in an emergency. 

On the other hand, you should check the air in the tires, according to the model (this is in the car manual). A vehicle that carries a lot of cargo (such as several passengers and several suitcases) requires higher tire pressure. Be careful with this to avoid an accident.

Respect traffic laws

The laws are generally the same in all states, but it is always good to pay attention to speed limits, which vary both inside and outside big cities and, especially, in regions where there are schools. 

In some locations the use of headlights is mandatory during the day, so it is essential to pay attention to all posters and signage, to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the trip.

Rest before getting behind the wheel

According to recent statistics, 70% of drivers confess to having driven feeling sleepy and about 50% do not make stops during long journeys. These actions are the cause of serious accidents, some even fatal! 

It is best to drive relaxed and make stops during the trip: the legs need to walk a little, activate the circulation to avoid cramps during the trip. 

Precautions when traveling with children

The driver must have his full attention on the traffic, he must not be distracted by controlling the children sitting in the back seat. Taking your eyes off the road to see what the kids are doing can be pretty dangerous! 

Young children must travel in car seats designed for them, and older children must travel wearing a seat belt. It's good for everyone to take their favorite toy or something they like to have fun with, so they can travel happily and busy. 

If you travel with your pet dog 

You should never leave the dog loose in the car. This poses a danger to you, to the other occupants of the vehicle and even to the animal itself. He must travel restrained so that, in the event of a sudden maneuver, the animal does not get injured or injure any traveller.

After taking the proper precautions you and your family will be ready to travel. Want tips on destinations in Paraná? See our special state travel guide: Travel tips in Paraná.

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