Brazil has several options, from North to South of the country, which are great alternatives for travelers who want to venture into a scenic trip by car.

Going back to travel is perhaps one of the greatest desires of people who have gone through this long period of quarantine during the pandemic. Thus, as the air network gradually resumes its operations, domestic and short-haul trips gain prominence. How about taking this moment to hit the road? After all, there are several complete itineraries of scenic trips through Brazil available. 

we are talking about roads that go beyond the simple pleasure of driving. These are routes that also include the possibility of learning and admiring the most varied landscapes, a feeling that only a car trip can provide. 

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Scenic trips through Brazil: check out complete itineraries

Regardless of the traveler's origin, there is certainly a great script available for him. However, it is always important to pay attention to the requirements necessary to contemplate the routes in a calm and safe way. One of these concerns, without a doubt, is about the car model. In order not to make a mistake, a tip is to rent a car that already fits perfectly to the profile of the trip. 

there will definitely be a car rental agency from Localiza near your city of origin. There are more than 400 branches throughout Brazil and more than 200,000 cars available in the fleet across the country. And the best part is that there is no bureaucracy and no headaches. In fact, just plan ahead, pack your bags and venture out on the roads. 

And to help, we have separated 15 complete itineraries of scenic trips through Brazil for you to venture out and enjoy the country in a unique way. Check out!


road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: James Martins/ Wikimedia Commons

Result of works by the Brazilian military regime, this is a road for those who really enjoy an adventure. The BR 230 stretches for 4,200 kilometers and connects Cabedelo, in Paraíba, with Benjamin Constant, in Amazonas, crossing, in total, seven Brazilian states (Paraíba, Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão, Tocantins, Pará and Amazonas). The stretch has a mix of asphalt and dirt road, with virgin jungle in some points of the road.

Route of the Sun

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Brazilian Government Cup Portal/ Wikimedia Commons

With 53 kilometers long, the stretch has inspiring paradisiacal landscapes for a road trip that runs along the coast of Rio Grande do Norte and makes the traveler return with their energies recharged. The trip starts at Ponta Negra Beach, in Natal, and ends in Barreta, a coastal town in the state. It is important to keep in mind that some points on the road are not well signposted and narrow and, therefore, it is advisable to have the ideal car. 

Maceió to Maragogi

Karina Santos/ Flickr

Another road that delights all travelers is the one that connects Maceió to Maragogi, both in Alagoas. It is 125 kilometers long and takes about two hours to complete. However, breaks to photograph and enjoy the landscape and beaches that appear on the stretch can make this itinerary even longer and more complete. And when hunger strikes, it is also impossible to resist the homemade gastronomic ventures with Northeastern cuisine located along the way. 

Green Line

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Pixabay

The road comprises one of the sections of the BA-099 highway, which connects the metropolitan region of Salvador to the northern coast of the state. There are 217 kilometers, connecting Barra do Pojuca to Mangue Seco, a tourist destination that borders Sergipe. It is possible to access places like Costa dos Coqueiros, Praia do Forte, Imbassaí, Sítio do Conde and Costa do Sauípe.

Serra Park Road

Photo: Pixabay

With 65 kilometers in length, this is the first entirely ecological road built in Brazil and runs along the coast of Bahia, connecting the cities of Ilhéus and Itacaré, both in Bahia. During the trip, it is possible to find three conservation units, beaches considered wild and waterfalls in the middle of the dense forest. Walkways, tunnels and viewpoints further complement this route. 

Route of Emotions

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Michael 106/ Wikimedia Commons

The Route of Emotions is a trip that crosses three northeastern states at once. Therefore, this is a great way to get to know Maranhão, Ceará and Piauí and connect with their landscape and the natural beauties that surround the destinations. Some of the attractions that you can find along the way include the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, the Parnaíba Delta Environmental Protection Area and Jericoacoara National Park. 


Photo: Pixabay

A dirt road, on the border between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, draws the attention of several travelers who are in the mood for a road trip across the country and, therefore, has been consolidating itself as one of the great tourist attractions in the region. There are 165 kilometers of trip, which is recommended to be carried out with a 4×4 vehicle. The route connects the Cuiabá River to Poconé and its Porto Jofre district. There are 120 wooden bridges over swamps. The symbols of the Pantanal are not left out of the landscape. Therefore, leave the camera ready to record the appearance of herons, jabirus, capybaras, caimans, among other animals of the local fauna. 

Royal Road

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Pixabay

Those who like to know more about Brazilian history and culture will certainly be interested in this itinerary. The Estrada Real is formed by paths opened during the mining cycle and with the aim of facilitating the journey between the historic cities of Minas Gerais and the ports of Rio de Janeiro. There are 1,600 kilometers that pass through several cities between the territories of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. It's like taking a history class outdoors – and with your hair in the wind. 

Rio de Janeiro to Petropolis

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon/ Flickr

That mix of history, excitement and contact with nature is what travelers will find on the road between Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis, which is 70 kilometers long. In the capital of Rio de Janeiro, you can find beaches, entertainment and monuments, complete with the imperial air and historic buildings of Petrópolis. The temperature is pleasant throughout the year. So, how about booking a space in your calendar to travel this route?

Rio de Janeiro and Paraty

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Pixabay

The Rio de Janeiro – Santos highway is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil for those who wish to travel by car. With 550 kilometers, the route has the Serra do Mar and the Atlantic Ocean as postcards. Passages through Guarujá, Ilhabela, São Sebastião, Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba and Paraty, make the journey even more special. There are beaches, islands, plains and viewpoints available to travelers, who may be surprised by this unique trip. 

Florianopolis Island

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Florianópolis has 40 beaches, consolidating the capital in the itinerary of travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauties available in the destination. Some of these beaches are in the south, ideal for a road trip. The SC-405 Highway gives access to beaches such as Campeche, Morro das Pedras and Armação. The landscapes are truly “Instagrammable” and deserve that photographic record. The more daring ones can enjoy the waves and surf on the beaches that appear in the middle of the route. 

Water Circuit

Photo: Enio Prado/ Wikimedia Commons

How about giving a chance to nine cities in São Paulo, where you can find waterfalls, fountains, rivers and thermal treatments? This is what you can find in the Water Circuit, which includes the passage through Águas de Lindóia, Amparo, Jaguariúna, Holambra, Lindóia, Monte Alegre do Sul, Pedreira, Serra Negra and Socorro. There are several attractions in each of the destinations. So, reserve a little time for each one and let yourself enjoy the wonders of São Paulo. 

Graciosa Road

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo/ Flickr

A road trip along Estrada da Graciosa is a great alternative for those who want to combine adventure and relaxation. After all, the destination is the coastal region of Paraná. Sharp curves, natural viewpoints and gastronomic ventures with typical food make this itinerary even more authentic. If you have time, you can take that break in Morretes and Antonina, for example, before ending the trip.

Serra do Rio do Rastro

Photo: Rosanetur/ Flickr

This is a road that draws attention for its winding curves that provide a real adrenaline rush for even the most experienced drivers. Altogether, there are 35 kilometers of asphalt, connecting Bom Jardim da Serra to Lauro Müller. And it is good to make it clear that natural beauty is something that this text will not be able to express in its entirety. Pauses at kiosks located along the highway, with more than 4 thousand meters of altitude, are great opportunities to admire the scenery painted by the green of the Atlantic Forest. 

Porto Alegre and Gramado

road trip complete itineraries scenic trips through Brazil

Photo: Diego Bezerra/ Flickr

Can you imagine taking a road trip with landscapes worthy of European cinema without leaving the country? This is what travelers will find on the route between Porto Alegre and Gramado, also known as the Romantic Route. The path is 100 kilometers long and is surrounded by flowers, mountains and charming towns, a legacy of Italian, German and Swiss immigration. 

Did you like the tips? So start planning a schedule of itineraries to do by car in Brazil! 

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