When the holidays or holidays arrive, everyone thinks of escaping the city to relax, discovering new landscapes and different cities. For those who are fascinated by travel by car, you will be delighted to drive towards the destinations in the Southern Region of Brazil.

This itinerary allows the possibility of getting to know cities like Porto Alegre, Foz do Iguaçu, Florianopolis or Gramado, will allow you to experience a season of discoveries during a trip to destinations that mark European immigration in the country.

Brazil is almost a continent, with natural beauty in all its regions. The Brazilian south offers a huge variety of landscapes, as well as the possibility to try a different cuisine. German and Italian immigrants gave that region a European atmosphere nestled in the mountains, with accommodations full of charm and stories.

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Getting to Gramado with an SUV, like a Toyota SW4 or another similar 4×4 car, will allow you to enjoy a region that has the coldest climate in the country, in landscapes that offer a cozy mountain climate and outdoor adventure. Those who choose to travel in a larger vehicle can include other itineraries in the list, such as stone paths, in Bento Gonçalves and several other offroad trails through Serra Gaúcha.

Enjoying the cooler climate and different tours, those who have the possibility to travel to the mountains of the Southern Region can practice skiing and snow skating in a winter park. indoor with ski slope, close to the hotels in Gramado. 

During a trip to destinations in southern Brazil, delighting in the different cuisine of each city becomes another unforgettable part of your vacation. The preparations change according to the region. For example, in the south, they love sandwiches filled with stuffing, barbecue, and chimarrão. The latter is essential in the life of the gauchos, as well as polenta, wine, carreteiro rice and pinhão. 

Those who have the opportunity to travel to the south of Brazil by car and with more time, should include in their itinerary some destinations such as:

Road trip through the South of Brazil


Photo: Hicham El Banine / Wikimedia Commons

For those traveling for the first time, a city tour is advisable, to have an initial overview of what Curitiba is all about, understand the main neighborhoods in the center and then calmly return to the points you liked the most. This type of tour should be done on the first day, in order to organize the tours on the following days, separate the restaurants you want to know and, in addition, visit the Historic Center of Curitiba.


Photo: Werner Zotz

Ilha da Magia, capital of Santa Catarina, is a destination to visit more than once. With a beachy climate, the city has a wide variety of beaches where it is possible to spend days with lots of sun, sea and sand. Floripa, as it is popularly called, also becomes strategic to visit other destinations in Santa Catarina.

Getting to know the Fortress of São José da Ponta Grossa is one of them. There is a fantastic exhibition of photographs related to the activities of this fortress, when it was the place that defended the region from all enemy attacks. Visiting the neighborhoods of Floripa, such as Barra da Lagoa, Lagoa da Conceição and the center, are also options for those who want to liven up with great bars and restaurants.

Visiting Projeto Tamar, where sea turtles live in the process of rehabilitation, can be an excellent family experience, especially for those with small children. The space shows an educational guide, showing the importance of preserving the environment and how to neglect it, brings severe damage to the planet. There, visitors will be able to get information about the life of the turtles, species, habitat, spawning, growth and development over the years.

Porto Alegre

photo: pactoalegre

Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, brings different landscapes in a big city atmosphere. In other words, itineraries for those who enjoy culture and gastronomy will not be lacking. It is essential to visit, among other things, the Historic Center, where the Usina do Gasómetro, the Public Market, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the antiques fair, the Santander Cultural museum and the São Pedro Theater are located. 

The Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana is almost a must for travelers who love literature, created in the residence where the famous poet lived. The house still has furniture from the time when the author lived in Porto Alegre, including his belongings in the room where he slept. In the museum there is a library, a cinema and also a space for studies.

It is impossible to leave Porto Alegre without watching the sunset on the edge of the Guaíba. It is common to see tourists and residents watching this spectacle of nature enjoying a late afternoon outdoors.


southern brazil itinerary

Photo: Mtur Disclosure

German immigration had a great influence in the cities of Serra Gaúcha and in many others in the south of Brazil, some of them, like Gramado, seem to be a little piece of Germany due to their buildings and cuisine. 

In Lawn it is worth enjoying the park called Mundo do Chocolate. The park has a small chocolate factory, as well as a shop and a bar. Visitors will be able to try different types of sweets and see how they are prepared. 

Another unforgettable experience is visiting the Boreal Ice Bar, where the temperature inside is about minus 13 degrees! Everything inside is made of ice: the benches to sit on, the sculptures… It's a spectacular place for those who like the cold and alcohol! But don't forget to dress warmly!

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